Wednesday, December 16, 2009

just another day of thoughts....

..had just another..full of randomized thoughts...randomised confusions.....mind fiddling from one topic to another.
So...just thought..why not just put those random thoughts togther at one place..lets see what comes out.
It might just end being nothing...or something..or may b something of everything. rewinding my day...woke up in the morning is almost close to d evening tea time....
So, finally woke up..with maa hauling at me...dats something with which my day starts :)
Read the newspaper...thoughts swaying from the separation of our India's super duper high score...n Sri lanka's super great Shahruk's new the new store ingaurated nearby.
Today daddy was at home...sigh of relief..would save me from maa's wrath. Renovation going at home has made Maa more cranky.
Finally sat down with maggi, my lunch, gazing at my PC's screen, had nothing to do besides farming and feeding my fishes.
I turned off the PC was bored gazing at it for long....went inside the quilt. Mind still not still...
Suddenly recalled....Angie di's voice "you know who's here?"...the excitement, vibrance n more so happiness in her voice...made me smile too..again...was happy to see her so elated...n then in my imaginary world...i could see her celebrating her bestest b'day wid the people she loves the most.....missing her mom n dad though.
Maa's voice then brought me back to reality. Went up to watch news. India had won by den..daddy was as happy as Sehwag's mom....ahhh...bad compariosn...
India winning a match is d best moment for any India...but its saddening to read the division of states.
What about our saying "Unity in Diversity". Why are these politicians are dividing our country to preserve there vote banks..with the lamest of all reasons..."cultures are diverse". Its worse to see all this happening in the "world's largest dmocarcy"....i went up to discuss this wid dad...discussion went long..with no conclusion.
....Was interupted by Maa....
later all of sat ususal wid daddy to avoid Maa looking at me...n pointing the new formed marks on forehead.. :(
..Saw "Razz pichle janam ka"...left us all debateful..wether its scripted or sprituality...another topic for endless discusion...
...dis was interupted by HUNGER....Maa..left the discusion...
Dad n me too changed the topic to renovation of house...which ultimately ended up to my dads favourite line..."baua, aapko apna routine badla chahie" much i hate dis line...but love it whenevr he says...i knw hes concerned...
...During dis i encountered varied emotions...through dad's dont hav words to put together dose emotions...probably some day i would...
first time he said..."i never knew u had so many skills...u write very well...never leave it...besides chatting with friend...b well read....start writing a book..some would polish your skills..." day of any daughters life...when her father is proud of her...i havnt acheived anythng substantial as of now....yet his belief in me...made me feel like an acheiver.... :)
.....traveled a time frame wid these thoughts...hated to come back.....
aftr dinner sat down to watch...Bigg Boss...dam much i try n not watch it..i can't avoid it...
.....molestation of humanity..human feelings...."gunda raaj"...adjectives to it....
"FITRAT"...crux of the game....watching it fills me wid wrath..n makes me agnostic...aaarrrghh...i so hate it.... day came to an end.....with dese random thoughts..kept in a random way......
dozing off...with dese thoughts....may b tomorow i set down my exploration...on one of dese.... :)
till den....adios.... :)

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Anniversary of our Loss

26/11/08..a memory that would never fade for any Indian...
That day few militants not only penetrated into our domain...but also made a mockery of our system.
They overtook "our" properties, killed "our" people on "our" land. What more is required for a national to rise from lull, to fight back, stand upright and strong.
Two days back..national celebrated "anniversary" of that fateful day. People joined hand, marched for peace, lit candles, hummed songs, remembered the demise of the brave hearts and innocent souls.
But does this celebration convey our strengths to those evil minded people, does holding hand, lighting candles assure a safer nation?
"We are resilient by force not by choice.": a dialogue from A Wednesday. These few words thoroughly describe the situation of a "common man" but alongside demolishes our position as the world's strongest democracy.
Commemorating the demise, being empathetic about the loss isn't wrong but how far does it improve our situation? How much does our "empathy" enlighten us, make us aware? Does it make us secure?
One of our biggest victories in those trying times was the fact that we stood together. we came together as a nation setting aside factors such as religion, caste, creed, age, strata and uniting in the fierce condemnation of this heinous crime.
But, why do we only show our commitment towards are nation after the damage has been done? Sitting at home watching it live on TV and blaming our government and security persons, saying they had a flak....i feel we had a flak...our weakness gave them the courage to penetrate into our home and devastate it.
The irony is we require such fateful incidents to recall our duties and responsibility as a citizen. We need to learn to remember, NOT TO FORGET.

Monday, November 23, 2009

A Perfect Life

"Daddy, whats a perfect life?", I asked my dad. My dad said " Your Life", i gazed at him in astonishment & confusion expecting an explanation, he looked at me smiled & left. I was standing there still trying to find out the meaning of what he said and his smile.
"Your Life is Perfect" these words were was hard to believe...because it wasn't perfect..because i did not want a life that way.
& then i thought of it..a deeper way..."I didn't want it"..yes i didn't...but my complains...that endless list...somehow i could not justify them today.
They seem lame to me today.
I have had an eventful life till today...those events weren't pleasing enough...but i still have an eventful life because when today i look back at those non-pleasing events...they please me. Reminds me a bit of myself....exudes a smile on my face...reminds me of my strength.
"Grass is always greener on the other side"...discontentment..a very human trait. Probably it explains why "my" life isn't perfect.
Being contended can be fatal..but cribbing about everything is equally intoxicating.
Two words of my father described my entire life, a Perfect Life.
Few minutes of pondering took my grudges far far away.
My life might not be identical with an unknown someone...& this is what makes my life unique, "Perfect".
When i look back...i might just a handful reason to smile...but an unique experience...which nobody else has.
My life defines me & that makes it "Perfect".
Somebody has rightly said,"Life is an's just an experience, had it been a real game...we all would have known the rules."
I, then, went back to daddy...& smiled at him...& he knew it all  :)

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Its been a long time...since i last wrote...
Was i busy...nope..not at all...or may be..may be...i was busy understanding human nature....probably my own...finding the real meaning of what people say. What people say and what they actually mean is entirely different. like when someone says..."I didn't mean what i said" probably means.." between has the real meaning".
Mmost wont agree to this...probably...even i wont...but its a bitter truth i guess....
Another...example...a very common one...when a a girlfriend-boyfriend fight...a common line.."I don't give a damn to what you do"..& the next thing they do is..sneak into there profiles or check on there get to know what they are doing...
Funny though...but am astonished..astonished..'coz its CONFUSING.....
Human nature....a tough thing to predict.... has more than what we have in our genes...!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The begining...

Very first post.. =)
I started blogging, because i wanted to talk,put my thoughts forward.

This is not a expert's blog over something, over one particular issue, it will have everything that i feel is important, about everything that is an issue for me.

I don't know, whether anybody would ever read it, except for family and friends...and why should they...i am just another girl who blogs.But, this is about things that left a mark on me, and i hope someday i leave a mark on somebody's life too....make a difference, a cherish able one. =)

Thank You & Welcome =)


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