Saturday, November 28, 2009

Anniversary of our Loss

26/11/08..a memory that would never fade for any Indian...
That day few militants not only penetrated into our domain...but also made a mockery of our system.
They overtook "our" properties, killed "our" people on "our" land. What more is required for a national to rise from lull, to fight back, stand upright and strong.
Two days back..national celebrated "anniversary" of that fateful day. People joined hand, marched for peace, lit candles, hummed songs, remembered the demise of the brave hearts and innocent souls.
But does this celebration convey our strengths to those evil minded people, does holding hand, lighting candles assure a safer nation?
"We are resilient by force not by choice.": a dialogue from A Wednesday. These few words thoroughly describe the situation of a "common man" but alongside demolishes our position as the world's strongest democracy.
Commemorating the demise, being empathetic about the loss isn't wrong but how far does it improve our situation? How much does our "empathy" enlighten us, make us aware? Does it make us secure?
One of our biggest victories in those trying times was the fact that we stood together. we came together as a nation setting aside factors such as religion, caste, creed, age, strata and uniting in the fierce condemnation of this heinous crime.
But, why do we only show our commitment towards are nation after the damage has been done? Sitting at home watching it live on TV and blaming our government and security persons, saying they had a flak....i feel we had a flak...our weakness gave them the courage to penetrate into our home and devastate it.
The irony is we require such fateful incidents to recall our duties and responsibility as a citizen. We need to learn to remember, NOT TO FORGET.


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