Monday, November 23, 2009

A Perfect Life

"Daddy, whats a perfect life?", I asked my dad. My dad said " Your Life", i gazed at him in astonishment & confusion expecting an explanation, he looked at me smiled & left. I was standing there still trying to find out the meaning of what he said and his smile.
"Your Life is Perfect" these words were was hard to believe...because it wasn't perfect..because i did not want a life that way.
& then i thought of it..a deeper way..."I didn't want it"..yes i didn't...but my complains...that endless list...somehow i could not justify them today.
They seem lame to me today.
I have had an eventful life till today...those events weren't pleasing enough...but i still have an eventful life because when today i look back at those non-pleasing events...they please me. Reminds me a bit of myself....exudes a smile on my face...reminds me of my strength.
"Grass is always greener on the other side"...discontentment..a very human trait. Probably it explains why "my" life isn't perfect.
Being contended can be fatal..but cribbing about everything is equally intoxicating.
Two words of my father described my entire life, a Perfect Life.
Few minutes of pondering took my grudges far far away.
My life might not be identical with an unknown someone...& this is what makes my life unique, "Perfect".
When i look back...i might just a handful reason to smile...but an unique experience...which nobody else has.
My life defines me & that makes it "Perfect".
Somebody has rightly said,"Life is an's just an experience, had it been a real game...we all would have known the rules."
I, then, went back to daddy...& smiled at him...& he knew it all  :)

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