Friday, January 29, 2010

Blogger's Experince

Been almost a year that i started blogging. Am too fascinated by the idea of blogging. It  is like reading your "dear diary" aloud to people. Letting people peep into insides of our life. little details, happy and not-so-happy experiences.
Am not a very "open-book" kind of person. I love my own space, being with myself gives me immense pleasure, so this idea of blogging didn't quite amuse me initially, but later with its brewing popluarity i couldn't resist myself too.
And this undoubtedly has been the most amusing experiences I've had. I don't have many readers, followers. My only reader is my daddy, who makes sure to go through my blog everyday. Readers, followers, comments is something i never expect on something that i write. I am satisfied to read myself on the screen. My thoughts seem more clear to me. It assures me of my wisdom and righteousness. Mention of wisdom and righteousness is not self-brooding, its just reminds me of my conscious and proves to me time and again that GOD has given us the vision to discriminate between write and wrong ; its just our fault that we don't see through it.
It would be wrong if i don't mention that blogging satisfies my "likhne ka kida". I am lazy, but never lazy to read or write; because this is a only way i express myself. I cannot empower myself upon others with words, verbal fights of mine are just with my maa and daddy; for others i prefer keeping quite. Writing puts my worries to rest. Blogging is more of a stress buster for me. Good or bad..i try to wrap them up in words and feel unburdened.
It gives me my space, to express my self on which ever matter that i feel like, be it of national concern or nobody's concern.
And i know i would keep doing it. :) :)

Sunday, January 24, 2010


"Sapne to fir sapne hote hai...sach hai ye kaab apne hote hai........."
Dreaming, a voluntarily involuntary action. My dreams are no less too, i too dream big, huge, a frame few can see. Those who cant see "my big picture" disagree with me and those are the ones who advocate about dreaming within limits. I strongly disagree with them. Aree bhai, sapno ke limitations kisne banai, we don't need Visa to travel into dream land (sorry, i tried to copy Gulzaar saab's magic into my blog ). To me, dreams signify possibility, probability of what may happen, can happen, rather would happen, if we work upon it. For me, its a secret world, a world which completely belongs to us, where i set myself free, free to discover the undiscovered, explore the unexplored ;within myself and surroundings. In my dreamland, i realize the importance of the things that we surpass, the meaning they hold ; they are there, have always been ; waiting to be discovered.
Dreamland is where nobody pokes us saying, "You can't do this". Its a world where we never lose, where just my strengths matter.
Few days back when me and daddy were discussing about my future and what i wanted to do further. I told him I wanted to take up media and journalism. He did not take it seriously. I shared it with few other "wise" people, nobody found my decision correct. I was the only one supporting myself. When i asked for reasons why shouldn't i take up journalism , they showered upon me zillions of reasons, none of which i entertained. And then came there "wisdom streak", concluded saying "am confused". Am confused because i'l b graduating with biotechnology as my subject, have a diploma is aviation and hospitality and then shifting to journalism.
I preferred keeping my calm and maintaining a "no-comments" status. I won't dent their concern upon my stability, but discouraging my efforts did hurt me. I've now discovered the reason behind my instability. One of them being my parents, both of them. I've inherited very active"jumping genes". Second being my desire to have it all. Am never satisfied with a little bit of this and little bit of that, i want it all, all in full quantity. I want to dance around with Shahrukh, travel in a space shuttle, be the prime minister, sit along with Barkha Dutt and interview Amitabh Bachchan, own an IPL team, travel around the world. para-glide, jet-ski. My imagination digests it all, views it all. I've a desire to prove the phrase "Jack of all and master of none". I want to be the master of all and jack of none.
Though my dreams are larger than life, i try to fit my frame in not-so-larger life, because, my dreams keep me alive and kicking.

Saturday, January 16, 2010


....A month almost year is no more new.... but feeling new gives a reason to smile.
New year, for me, is a new beginning. It's God's way of telling us, v can always start afresh, all we need is courage.
Am not an avid blogger, i don't write so often. Not that I don't have enough things to write about, but its just i have to many things going on in mind. But dis year's new year resolution includes "blogging" too. I just hope i adhere to this one.
So, coming back to the "serious" stuff.
My year began with nothing special, i didn't want to start it the lazy way as i did. Second day too wasn't the happiest one. N after that i was jobless, bored to death.
So, i thought of actually doing something. Recall the entire year, things that the past year has taught me.
After all the thinking, i thought to myself its not that i didn't know those things, all i needed was a reminder.
Still,i would right it all, you never know when we need a reminder. I hope i write it all. :) :)
1. I am responsible for my life. No matter who takes the decision and no matter in whose pressure i took that decision, i would have to bear the brunt. If the turn out is well, nobody would not do a moments delay in taking away the credit, and it it doesn't turn out well, wont take a moment in stepping back.
2. Money matters. Yes they do. Though they don't give me a high and i know for the heck of it i would not do anything and am very proud of myself about that. But it does matter, to some extent money is a base for everything. With passing time and high pace development, people are earning more , and the value of it is decreasing. "Jitna mile wo kaam"
3. This year taught me the meaning of "Mann changa to kathauti me ganga". when you are happy world is happy because nobody, n by nobody i mean nobody is interested is listening to our sob stories. They have enough of there own.
4. This world ain't a bad place at all. N whats interesting to see is, according to whats my mom says is "KARMA CYCLE", we struggle a lot to be born as humans and then struggle even more harder to attain "MOKSHA", so that we are never born as humans. And if its true, then i have struggled my bit to have been born as a human. Its a blessing by God and a blessing is never bad.
5. Nothing gives much more happiness and satisfaction than giving happiness to others.
6. This year reminded me of my courage. I need nobodies pity, i have struggled my bit with the best was i can. It reminded me that am not a coward, i do not run away from situations.
7. I realized i am far more than blessed. Am actually God's favorite child. He has send me with everything all he wants form me is to realize my potential and search a bit in me.
8. Don't idolise anyone. I look upto my Dad, Maa, Shahrukh Khan, Mansingh Sir, Sangeeta Mam, i always wanted to be them. But off-late I've realized even they aint perfect. When i came to know the "other" incidences of few of them, keeping my parents aside because they are dauntless n flawless ; I found my idols being nothing else but "me" n i no more fond that endearing as i did before. I realised that its true when they say "Nobody is perfect" ;all have done their share of mistakes and learnt from them. I no more want to be like them, becuase the world already has them and its awaiting for me, for who i am.
...Lots more i learnt, would edit the post as soon as something comes up, again.
Wish this year brings more knowledge and wisdom for me.
....N to d the entire world.
Thank you.
Love n care.


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