Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Saturday evening I met my school friends, two of them i met after 3years, after we all passed out. It was an amazing experience, all girls outing. Though it's been 3 years we all passed out, lot of time has passed, we all have gone through our set of transitions, but the love and care we shared for each other is still there. Probably the bonding has grown more stronger. This is because we all have matured our bit with passing time, have better understanding for each other.

Meeting with old friends is always good, its always good to know that somebody has got your back. Atleast with them, you don't have to act in a certain way, be sacred of being judged.

A lot of time might have passed, we might not be living together now (we were in boarding school,we know everything about each other, pun intended), but the love that we share, would be with us forever.

I love you my baby kins.


  1. Hi Sonam, Its Shilpi here. I am in New Delhi now. Contact me asap. You can get my no. from my sister. I am waiting for you...

  2. so sorry, my phone broke, i lost your number, such a mess..i'll take it from you as soon as possible :)
    Am so happy you are here now. :)



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