Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Money Matters..!!

phew....thank god i have something where i can blabber as much as i can...what ever i feel... :)
hail...who so ever created BLOG.. :)
so...now i begin....d tittle..can b read two ways...money matters...meaning its essential and money matters..meaning the "lafdas" due to money....
I wonder why nobody is contended with money...rich people want to be more rich. I always thought people who juts have enough so they can fulfill their necessities are the happiest...but i was wrong. Nobody is content with what they have.
when i was young my dad taught me " utna hi pav pasaro jitni lambi chaddar"...means spend that much you can afford. I've adhered to his words since then. But i wonder, other parents must have taught their children the same thing, then what prompted "LOAN CULTURE". People are following it blindly. It is a one way profit route n people know it...but wont give up show off....
But the biggest irony is that money is coming in between relations, be it any. One thing that really annoys me is people cribbing about money 24X7. I do agree money is a important part of life...but why making it the heart of life. Why spoil a beautiful relationship we have with some one because of few zeroes.

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