Saturday, July 10, 2010

Bharat Bandh : Closer or Closure..!!

July 5th, 2010.... yet another "historic day"
India had set another example of unity in diversity, proved that we are the "revolutionaries".
They proved the unity and how.... closing the NATION..!!

It freaked me out when my daddy came back home and told me INDIA is not FUNCTIONING today.It was not just my father, all schools, colleges, institutes, offices observed "BANDH" ; n those who disagreed had to face violent measures and forced to shut down. It was a national holiday.

It was by the opposition parties against price rise. Nobel cause indeed it was, the "aam janta" was suffering a lot due to price rise. Price of milk had increased twice in the same month, first Rs. 30 and then Rs. 32. Sugar became expensive and so did sweet dishes, even tea and coffee. Minimum fare for autos increased from Rs. 10 to Rs. 19, rate of pulses is now equivalent to ghee. Surveys showed that with such price inflation, a commoner cant even spent Rs. 20 each day for his/her meal.

This is cruel, how do they expect people to survive, one cant forgo everything at least not food.

But was this the right way to put forward our demands?? I am not in favor of  the center or opposition nor am against it. I totally support the cause of bandh and the reason they put forward, Congress could have waited for a few more days for parliament session to begin and then with everybody opinion do the right thing. But calling OFF a NATION...this was huge.

I was some where happy because of this "BANDH", due to this the news channel didn't show anything about M.S.Dhoni marrying, i was so sick of it. I pity these celebrities at times, being famous is not a cake walk.

So, bandh was all over the national television, the "neta's" had taken over Dhoni n Sakshi.

The footage of Bandh remined me of Anil Kapoor's "NAYAK". What a film it was, kudos to S.Shankar.
They had this scene in the movie which showed a bus driver caused "CHAKA JAM", flamed the entire city of Mumbai. When asked about his identity he said he belonged to the lower community, same as the chief minister (Amrish Puri). The Commissioner calls the CM to ask what should he do, he says " NO TEAR GAS, NO FIRE, THODI DER CHIKENGE, CHILAENGE, FIR CHUP HO JAENGE AUR BHOOL JAENGE. (No tear gas, no fire, for some time they would scream and shout , and would make peace afterwards)
He said so, because those college kids would help him in election and those lower community people would give him support.

What irony it is, we are the biggest democracy in the world, but we have to take up such violent measures to be heard and put forward our views.

Just two days before this "national holiday" our Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh inaugrated the 8th best airport in the world, IGI, New Delhi. Our country would be hosting Common Wealth Games, this year is very eventful for our nation. The world is looking at us and this is a bad example set, a bad picture shown.

I would again like to make it clear that am not supporting the center, this price rise has affected my family in the same way it has others. I don't belong to the family to maharajah's to Birla's, my father has retired too n with no other working member in my family it is tough times. But still i do not support the measures of opposition.

This bandh caused economic losses to the national, inconvenience to common man. If it was in favor of common man then why was he punished, burtaly beaten.This national holiday was even more cruel on daily wage earners.

I would like to question the masihas of common man, would this bandh bring down the prices back to normal?
Are they not doing it to fill there vote banks?

To conclude i would use both opposition and center's own words, because tehy themselves describe there intentions clearly.

"It's the people's struggle....aaj to trailer hai, picture abhi baki hai mere dost...." - Nitin Gadhkari | BJP President

"It's actually an anti-public interest step masquerading as public interest activity." - Abhishek Manu Sanghvi | Congress Spokesperson.

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