Thursday, July 22, 2010

Kissa KURSI ka...!!

I am turning out to be a critic...a die-hard Gandhi follower...!!
Well these days am trying to pull myself together, bring myself back from dead.

So coming back to my thoughts. Tough times teach us as is said by the "wise men". They do teach us, i couldn't agree more. It brings out the true colors of people. But this time it not only showed me the true colors of people around me but the bureaucracy that surrounds me too. I might sound coward and shrewd at the same time, but every "common man" with the only "super power i.e voting" would agree to me.

Government has come down with many reforms, made them available to the "aam janta"; is trying its level best to make people aware of their fundamental rights and how to execute them. For instance, National Human Rights Commission (NHRC), New Delhi ; it is for people run by high profiled bureaucrats is for action against violation of Human Rights. It is in reach of the common man, one just need to give a written complaint and measures would be taken.Even higher, just write to President, the petition would move forward in a speed more than light.

I appreciate these measures taken by the government, but i still put up question, how "executable" are these? Does this mark a full stop forever on Corruption?

It still send shivers down the spine of any common man complaining  about any bureaucrat. No matter how many Human Right cells govt opens, 24X7 call center they set up for the awareness of people. the one thing, the most important thing that they forget to do is to take out the "FEAR" out of people.

Fear of being disgraced, misunderstood, not being heard. Democracy we call it, but its more or less autocracy, monarchy, dictatorship.
People in power take it "US" and their " POWER" both for granted. They have now become so sure that nobody would be able to dent their image.
A sting operation on one negligent politician or bureaucrat, this does not show how effective these measures are. It wasn't that "one person", the entire system.
Yes. i too agree with that "JAAGO RE" advertisement, "YE KHATE HAI KYUKI HUM KHILATE HAI".....but i ask bina khilae kaam banta bhi to nai hai...!!

Most common example, passport office, yes now it can be available to you in just a month after application, but how many of us can obtain it without the help of "Agent" ; imandari se line me khade hokar...!!

Yes i am whining and cribbing about our system but i also say it would change when we enter this system.


  1. Hey,

    All of us crib about the system but very few of us actually stand up to take it on. We, the educated youth choose a wide range of careers varying from doctors, engineers and the likes but not a lot choose to enter politics....unless that changes..unless we stand to engineer change..there is not a lot of change in the offing.

    Thank you for visiting my blog :) ...u have a very honest creation here yourself.




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