Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Independence for me....

15th August, 2010....India completes glorious 63 years of Independence. Glorious i say because the journey has been rough, yet we managed to shine. People had apprehensions after our years of slavery, but we proved them wrong. We carved our niche & now proudly hoist our flag.

I mind sound like n hypocrite, who in the previous post criticizes the democracy, calls it a filthy place to stay & now, it being the Independence day, is proud of her nation.

I was proud of calling myself Indian the day i wrote that, while i am writing & would be proud till the day i am alive.

Independence day is the most coveted "festival" of our country, lesser than 26th January i would say but it is no less. At least for this very day each & every national says "I am Proud to be an INDIAN." People say its just for the day that we put our flag in our cars, remember the bravery of our soldiers, i say it is the only day we get to express ourselves. We celebrate Father's Day, Mother's Day, Brother's Day, Sister's Day, Friendship's Day, Valentine's Day & every other possible relation day, does that mean we just love our Maa, Daddy, brother-sister, friend or partner that very day..??

It is just a day that we dedicate to them, find time off from the busy lives & let them know they are a part of us & how much we love them. Well, i am too against "specifying & concentrating your love" days because this becomes a day for those cheap sleazy people to try & hit on girls with the worst pick up line ever..."You wanna do fraaandhip with me?" !!@@@!!!###

Old experienced people say that the "youth" of the nation doesn't have that emotion, that patriotism, the zeal with which they fought. I understand their emotion , this fast paced life with no time for self, family or nation leaves them questioning. But, i being a part of youth assure them, they are leaving it in best of hands.

People these days worry about how are we going to impart that patriotism in our child, i would rather say they do not need to "teach" us to love our country, we were not taught to love out parents, we just did.

When i was young my daddy used to teach me national anthem, tell me stories about how my dadaji was involved in the freedom struggle. My daddy was born a year after independence, he heard stories from his father & it passed down to me. As a kid, Daddy used to teach me Bangla, i didn't learn much though....but learnt a patriotic song..a few lines. I used to proudly sing it to my friends. Whenever i read his diary i feel more connected, to some extent feel what they felt. My dadaji was imprisoned for some time, every time i think of it or read it, a painful rush goes through my body. When its so hard for me now to even imagine, my family went through that much.

Its hard earned, it is a treasured possession.

At times, when things aren't the way they should be, when India doesn't seem the kind of nation it should be, i too feel, that i would shift my base to some developed country, where things are done properly. But, that very moment am dreaded by the thought of being called an "immigrant". I am safe from that label here. I feel safe here because its mine, people know me here, they are the way i am.

With all criticism, we appreciate our country too, things need to change & its we who can do it. We are imperfect too. No matter how much we criticize our country, we would never take anybody else criticism.

Tedha hai par mera hai...!!!

p.s: So late after I Day, because of my stupid stupid stomach infection.


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