Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Saw “RAJNEETI” few days back…and I haven’t yet recovered from shock. 
No, no…the movie is fab, very well made, the backdrop, location, story, music….actors…it’s worth a watch.

It just left me questioning our “DEMOCRACY”. The way it’s been portrayed…it shook me. It left me questioning is this the real way our “democracy” and so called “democratic party” works…ruthless murders.

Long time back S.Shankar’s movie “NAYAK” was on similar lines, a satire on democracy and functioning of government. Rajneeti was completely political plot, protagonists belonged to political families, rallies, political agenda and what not, it’s all shown the movie.

 Rajneeti has probably the finest actors of the industry as the cast, and yes, it very much includes Arjun Rampal. It starts with Naseerudin’s speech at an election rally, with which every common man would agree, “"Ye pet ki maari janta hai mantri waqt ki roti de dijie janab kisi bhi rang ka jhanda utha legi. Aakhir ye kaisi garibi hai bhaiyo jo apke karodo kharch karne pe bhi khtam nahi ho rahi hai”. I have always been a Naseerudin fan, after A Wednesday I was his AC, now what should I be…..? Bad one, it was.

Anyways moving on,  it has a typical hindi movie masala but its not in the typical hindi league. Its way above it. Let it just be a "Prakash Jha Movie". This post of mine is not a review of the movie so wont get too critical about anything, in plain simple words i loved the movie.

But i would surely go critical about the plot of the movie. At first i did not want to believe it all happens for real, but each and every person i asked they answered with "Either you are mad, blind or plain simple dumb" & am none. I was flabbergasted. There was a bit of exaggeration, as told by few, well of course its a movie, fiction and more so creativity, if i may say so, is allowed. But rest all was for R.E.A.L.

I am finding political science amusing these days so i bought NCERT 11th & 12th standard books. These books are confusing too. On one side they praise all about how organized our constitution makers were, how they thought about each and every aspect distinctly and vividly & on the other hand they make those tiny stupid cartoon pop questions at us, which makes us think the exact opposite of it. I know its for us to enhance knowledge and stuff, but its darn confusing, how am i to judge how different it could be had we not "considered" "verses" of other country's constitution. 

I read somewhere that American Constitution has just been amended 10 times in last 250 years compared to ours which as been amended probably 250 times in just 50 years. My reaction was "what the phuck".

I respect & love my country, would always do no matter what. But these things are disturbing, it not only wavers our mind, also puts down the image of our country.

Rajneeti was none-the-less a mirror image of our parties, i wont argue about its uncanny resemblance with the leading political party.Towards the end, when Katrina Kaif is asked to take up the head of the party post and stand in election, she goes up to Madhopur district and gives her speech in which she says "Abhi humare hatho se mehndi ka rang bhi nahi gaya tha ki humse humara sindoor chin liya gaya", i thought to myself, who would fall for that, but i recalled, I MYSELF DID.

Prakash Jha captures reality in frames. Gangajal was one another reality.

As is said by a wise man, "
Any behavior that gets rewarded, gets repeated
". Guess this is why we live in a place where autocracy is spelled n pronounced democracy

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