Saturday, October 2, 2010


Be it a 80 year old person or 8 year old child, they are "on" Facebook. Its a rage or epidemic, can't justify. It says it connects you to family, friends, but the truth is its no more than a "virtual" world.
Facebook, most popular social networking site & to confess i am an addict too. I do not worry so much about my grades..but i wait so anxiously for a notification. Yeah, lame as it may sound.
Everybody i know, has the same symptoms. Being "liked" , being "commented" on was once frowned upon, but not any more. It tells you your popularity & likability. I am a victim won't demolish my own integrity by criticizing it more.
What irks me is how fake can people get, with the presence of an interface between two people how much changes.
I appreciate the fact that with people having so limited time..this is one breather..but how much is enough is yet to be known.
People have a virtual image, that is not even close to what they really are. I say this because i have seen this happening, it's like we are best of friends on facebook & outside, we don't even care to say hie.
I reunited with many of my lost school friends, lets say classmates, because with friends i never lost touch.
Facebook is more of a publicity stunt & everybody needs it, it makes us famous in our own little world.
The only derogatory thing i find in FB is why are people not real. We have an option of reporting if we find a fake profile, but what to do when the real person acts fake.
Facebook is actually a faceless book..!!!!

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