Friday, November 26, 2010

Shahrukh bola khubsurat hai tu...!!

A Markand movie...!!
I'll be biased, obvious reasons..its a Sharukh khan starrer.
I like the movie, i like movies with reflect reality & are not that hardcore, which makes you say "hey, that's me" :)
Well this movie is all about how movie stars are worshiped in our country. Rajnikanth is well the best example considering his temples in various parts of country.
This movie had the Badshah khan as the GOD.
So this movie, i was the lead actress, no kidding.
Each & every person insanely crazy about King Khan was the main lead.
Well, the story is not that amusing, very bollywoodish....the geek meets the GOD at traffic signal with the only non-obvious thing that the geek doesn't turn out be a princess by the end.
It we magnify the people of that 70mm screen, how we incorporate themselves in our everyday we make people "SUPERSTARS" and later "GOD".
Remember when as kids we used to think that "Shaktiman" is real & would come to save us if we fall..its similar to that.
Even shaktiman gave a declaration in the beginning of the show that this isn't real, even movies have it when it begins.
But, as kids never believed that its the cables making him fly & we would never ever believe that they too are "people".
We paint them the way we want, give them characteristics the way we want & *baaaam* we have our GOD ready.
Well, to conclude...i would just say...

"shahrukh bola khoobsurat hai tu...aur khoobsurat ho gai mai...."


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