Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Having a boyfriend is overrated, people...!!

The first question that people ask you when you start becoming friends,"Do you have a boyfriend...?" If your answer is yes..a string of questions about his whereabouts and if you say no, again a string of question about your...errm...choices, to put it subtly..!! Say yes or no, questions wont stop. One of the drawbacks of saying yes, your insect bites become love bites, you don't go to college, you are with your boyfriend (read sleeping around), not well equals pregnant.Last one was an exaggeration , but it happens and many would agree. If yours is a long distance relationship, people would be all sympathetic towards you with all the awwwwws and other weird sound, god knows for what joy, because i seriously don't get it, its her boyfriend, not oxygen or food...she can manage. And if your luck is too bad, and you and your guy are in the same college, god save you. All people would talk about is both of you..even if you give each other space, they won't let you.Every time you are texting, they'll assume you are texting him. I never understand, why, for Christ sake why, having a boyfriend, being in love is a such a big reason for discussion. Two people are in love, "they", i emphasize, "they" love each other...how does it interest the whole god damned world. I know this post sounds super frustrated. No, am not frustrated..or may be i am, a li'l bit. I have seen people around me going all gung ho about their guys, yes we get it, you guys are madly in love, but i don't see the point it making it a topic of national concern. Exaggeration of somebody's so called eternal love story is mostly because of themselves, but others "special interest" in it cannot be nullified. People, having a guy in life is overrated, trust me, experience talking here..!! Yes, being in love is a great feeling, but life is not a movie and normal people don't have such hormonal imbalance.
Why this pic, well apparently it looks romantic. I am just reminded of Central Park, New Delhi ;-)

Friday, December 9, 2011

And thus i am back :D

Well hello there :)
You don't recognize me..umm...you don't remember me :'( Sniff Well not your fault too, i vanished..!!
And well, that wasn't my fault either..Uni is hectic..and by hectic i mean, really..REALLY hectic. Lot of things to tell you all about, many drafts to publish :P With this is end the COME BACK post, with a promise that you'll read a lot of me. I am sure, in your head, you are going *as if we care*, but thou shall be bugged :P

Why Rajnikanth picture for this post, well 'coz i am South India :P And he is the only one, who doesn't make a come back, he starts a new era :D :D

Sunday, July 17, 2011

And this is how the post grad begun..!!

......and am back again, thank god not my second life..!!
Pathetic joke..!! =/

I am in Bangalore, and don't have a laptop...so you all can guess my lack of connectivity.Besides, uni is hectic too. =/

15th was first month in university...yay..!!
Schedule is hectic,CIA's..its tough..but somehow its still fun.
Don't ask me to explain somehow. =P

I miss home though...way too much.

Any ways...postgrad journey so far..ummm....okay.
Didn't have much time to see around in the city except for FORUM, which is like second home.So, all my travel list are buried, at least for now.Most of the time is spend in uni, doing assignments, recording shows.

Anywho...our first group project was trans talkies, our film club. Inauguration was by seniors, saw DWEEPA (Kannada movie; awesome.My group was the first from first year to screen a movie, and we begun with WALL.E.

Seen the movie..?
I found it super cute.
Wall.E.....Eva =P

I'll see if i can access blogger in uni, if i can..expect a lot of me.

Take Care =)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

The "It" Post ;-)

Hello poeple =)
I am writing after ages..!!
I have been tagged by Mystical Skeptical Me in this "it" post and i am supposed to answer these questions honestly :D

Okay..so here it begins =)

1. If you could go back in time and change one thing, what would it be?
It would be year 2005, it was life altering and not in a good way, and worse it the feeling, that i could have stopped it.

2. What Movie or TV Character you think you resemble mostly?
Umm..i don't know, been watching too much of Ugly Betty & Castle these days, so may be Detective Beckett or Betty :P

3. What movie or TV Character would you really like to be?
Ooo..Detective Beckett or may be Noah of Flashforward series :D

4. If you could push one person in the whole world off a cliff and get away with it, who would it be?
The one who changed my life,and not for or may be some politician. =|

5. Name one habit you want to change in yourself.
Laziness =|

6. Describe yourself in one word.

7. Describe the person who named you in this Meme, in one word.
Intelligent & very well read =)

8. Why do you blog? Answer in one sentence.
Because i love to write & read =)

9. Name at least 3 people to send this Meme to then inform them.
Gargi, Chandana and Fatima

10. Link back to the person who tagged you in this Meme.
MSM, you are awesome =)

Friday, June 3, 2011

Few intelligent people, please...!!

How tough can it be to find a person who can keep up a conversation...a conversation that is worth being called a conversation...?!?

Few days back..i was sitting in a coffee house...and man was i bored...!!
I wasn't exactly...i was watching DADA play...but people around me and with me...i was bored listening to there useless talks.

I am not all against talking nonsense...but once is a blue moon...talking sense is good for health and our unused brain.
I am not bragging as being oh-so-intelligent...but duh...but i just happen to have a life beyond boyfriend and Zara catalog.

Talk all the nonsense in the world..but keep yourself updated, at least this is the way i think.
You cannot know everything, but it just makes more sense when you know a little bit of it.

And how much effort does it take to know that ANDROID is a OS and not a new mobile company...!?!
I was devastated when i heard somebody asking.."Android..another brand of cell phones."
Even i am no Software engineer to know the codes, but damn it..i don't go around asking does APPLE STORE sell fresh vegetables...!!!
Okay this was some exaggeration, but you get my point, right.

p.s: This post was supposed to be published during IPL season, the day Saurav Ganguly played for Pune Warriors, but my laziness & exams postponed it. =/

p.p.s: I am now beginning to read all the posts that i haven't read =)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Namma Bengaluru =D

So,i was in Bangalore,only for 3 days though, but i was in BANGALORE, finally :D

But i swear to God,the journey was pathetic,it is so so far...and i got so bored in train =/
Not that i haven't travel beyond that..i have been to Kerala, Kanyakumari and all too..but this one seemed endless =/

Unlike what AV and other friends of mine say...i somehow liked Bangalore, i couldn't find much of a difference between Delhi & Bangalore.Same traffic issues, malls all around,metro construction in progress (they call it namma metro, which i somehow find very funny :P); only difference was no Hindi posters :P

The most funniest thing i read was Kempegowda, he was the founder of Bangalore, i guess, the Majestic bus stand, opposite to railway station is named after him.You might not find it funny..but i kept laughing till i reached home :P

And i found autowalas there better than Delhi autowala's...at least i didn't have to fight with them for fare & ask them to charge according to meter =|

I had thought,i would take many pictures and all...but i just didn't find time..i was too busy.But, i am expecting to spend more time there so...i didn't care much ;-)

Bangalore would be a new chapter in my life,an opportunity to restart everything =)

Going there is a huge decision though, too much on stake, but details about that later..now its all happy happy =)

And with this i now add a new label to the blog, TRAVEL :D
Yeah i could have added it before..and write about Delhi, but then, i wanted to be sure, i can write something in it =)
I have this very long list of the places that am planning to explore till the time i am in Bangalore.
If you guys know any awesome place in Bangalore and around..any nice place for that matter..let me know =)

These are the only two pics i could manage to take, that too while i was returning... =/
It was raining..but i don't think you guys can notice it. =|

And this was the only bit of me i could capture =P

p.s: I am really sorry..i am not being able to even read any of your blogs..too busy..and then i have exams.. =/
So more of torture travel. But i would be back, i promise =)

Take Care =)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Facebook: Age No Bar =/

Yeah..so here i am cribbing about facebook again.
No,i have no issues with Mark Zuckerberg neither do i have any issues with facebook (except for that there is no option STOPPING people to tag you in nonsense pics).

What annoys me is the presence of school going kids on facebook.I had a mail id and these social networking accounts when i begun college.No, am trying to act granny-ish here,but it is a fact that such social networking at such small age is not going to do any good to kids. I can still bear a senior secondary kid around, but a kid merely 11 having FB account...where is this world going.

Are we oldies (not literally) not enough, why push li'l kids to be socially "liked".I see kids uploading pictures incessantly,adding people they have never met,talking in the oh-so-cool way.They are pushing things,acting,as they assume we, the oldies do.

My nephew and neice, both 11 (who by the way are elder to me considering their facebook DOB) are comparatively more active than me and it is my DUTY to check there facebook accounts every now and then and make sure nothing inappropriate is happening. (ME being the root cause of their introduction to facebook =( ).

I have tried changing their passwords, almost every possible trick to stop them from using it, but guess these days kids are born smart *sigh*

I wish,there was someway that this could be regulated.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

To all the LOSERS against Anna Hazare

I came across this facebook fan page...and my first reaction, such attention seeker.

Right now, there are around 20 odd people "liking" the page, posting about how anti-democratic Hazare's action are, that this is "merely another spineless effort by a toothless Indian Government".

These twenty odd people might be very bright, are very versed with the constitution and laws as they are all future lawyers, but does that mean these billion people supporting this cause are all douches..who have no knowledge what so ever.Everybody in the crowd would not be aware of the constitution about what this Lokpal bill is about and what are its contents, but there must be few, well read people, may be lawyers, who know the law and order much better than the law students and still support it.And even the man sitting next to Hazare is a well renowned lawyer who has been the law minister during BJP's government.

Yes, i agree his ways might be kiddish,it does seem like a four year kid wants his favorite toy, but has the patient wait paid..?!? As per my knowledge, its already been 42 years, how much more should we wait. And all this old man wants is to set up a committee which has public representatives and not just politicians and prepare a draft, he isn't asking it to be a law overnight.These anti-Hazare people are saying that the bill should be debated, so what else is this old man saying...set up a committee, the committee members would discuss what all points should be there and then it'll be sent to parliament, where it'll be debated again.

This guy has been raving about RTI and how people should ask for information about this issue and not emotionally blackmail, somehow i guess he forgot, it was this guys efforts and today he is enjoying the perks of RTI.

When i heard about the powers of this institution even i said, why give so much power to one institution (it can summon any corrupt individual, even Prime Minister), giving so much power invites corruption.But then, when we have trusted so many governments despite of knowing that none of their promises would ever be executed, then why not trust the "law", that is in our favor.

The only thing i would like these losers to know is, it is easy to condemn else's efforts, its even more easier to create a facebook fan page and get attention, what is difficult is unite a billion people for one issue, it is difficult to have that effect, it is difficult to be selfless.It's easy to talk, its easier to crib, its even more easy to find flaws in somebody, but if you have so much of knowledge, and if you think you are so capable,why didn't you do this, why didn't you stand up and fight against corruption.

And this mass protest, for me, is commendable, no violence, no burning effigy's, no lathi charge. The mob is angry yet no violence, calm candle light protest against the system.

I salute this 73 year old man for his courage and strength.I am with him.

Sunday, April 3, 2011


No pictures, no painted faces...i have got nothing to show what it means...but i feel the same as the one billion heart of Indians do.

We are now the CHAMPIONS.

Teams hard work and our beliefs finally paid off. After a wait of exactly 28 years, it was again our day, we have now been there, WON that.And as Sachin himself said, "Its never too late to win the world cup"

AV had been forcing me to write about the matches...Ind vs Eng (which he saw in stadium, and saw THE GOD play; there, i mentioned it,happy :P),Ind vs Aus, Ind vs Pak, but i believed we would take the victory lap. And we did.

Thank you Team India, you have made each one of us a CHAMPION.

(how i wish their was Sourav Ganguly, amidst all the celebrations, taking the victory lap)

Monday, March 14, 2011

Random Questions Tag =)

Such Randomness because am too bored and sleepless... =/
I saw this tag in Chandana's blog : A cup of coffee and a spark of madness ; i like her blog name..very easy, relaxed, it brings a smile on my face each time i read it =)

So here the questions begin:
1. Where were you three hours ago?
Lazing around, watching Dear John =D

2. Is there anything pink within 10 feet of you?
Nope, i repel pink i guess =/

3. What are you wearing right now?
Very corny question though, but yeah jammies and superman tee (i am obsessed with them =P)

4. What are the colors of your bedroom walls?

5. Who is the last person you sent a message/comment/BBM ?
Gargi, she has transferred her Insomnia via interface to me =|

6. What does your last text message say?
3G :P (activating the services you see :P)

7. Can you taste the difference between Pepsi and coke?
Nope..don't like them..i prefer sprite.

8. Is your hair curly or straight?
They are moody..curlish...straightish..wavish =|

9. What is the hardest thing you ever had to do?
Kick start a Yamaha =|

10. Favorite two color combination
Black & Grey; Black & White

11. What is your favorite accessory
My fastrack's biker collection poster watch =P

12. Which current celebrity style do you admire the most
Right now...umm...Anushka Sharma

13. What is your favorite fashion store/shop
Okay....tough question...i found, was rather gifted, my latest Superman tee from Graphitee, so yeah..Graphitee =P

14. When was the last time you drove out of town
Drove...umm...i went to gaziabad few months back..would that count =/

15. With the exception of the computer, what can you hear
Its too early in the morning...my refrigerator's stabilizer is making noise =|

16. What was the last thing you bought
New local sim for my sister & an envelop to dispatch my college admission form.

17. What is the first thing you think of when you wake up in the morning
You...you know who...!!!

18. Favorite Food
Very very tough question..but if i have to..then Rajma Chawal =)

19. Biggest turn off
People who are all about themselves

20. What do you always have on you/wear
This rakhi Maa tied on my hand on my last b'day =)

21. What does your screen name mean/how did you come up with it
I don't like the whole idea of screen name..no offense...its my real name...daddy came up with it..after a lot of researching =D

22. Favorite style of top/blouse
I wear none...i avoid top/blouses...i feel very comfortable in an over sized tee or Kurta (and am not fat =|)

23. Favorite tv show.
Lapataganj On Sab :P (All time fav: Friends)

24. Favorite TV show from childhood
Tintin, Shaktiman, Telly Tubies, Captain Vyom, He Man... ( I feel sad for today's kids..such crappy cartoons they have =/)

25. What does your dream bedroom look like
Very very spacious,huge french windows,comfy huge bed, huge bathroom, huge book shelf, giant wardrobe (i hope by then..the change my family wants in me is there)...everything HUGE :P

Okay so it is done already....and am still bored and sleepless.

I am not this boring person as i am coming out to be here...don't judge me =|

The picture here...oh well...its all random..and i love GEMS :P

....all she has is BELIEF

They had their issues,but that everyone has,she wanted to be strong.

He discarded everything she had done, he discarded his mistakes she didn't notice.
But she still remembers what had kept them together all this while, the little things that bought them close,the li'l gestures of his.....

She never said much, she believed she never had to...

It has been long...but she remembers the times they had together....
she can't feel them now, may be because of the pain....but she believes he'll be back soon..to remind her of how it felt...

And so she believes...they'll get their happy ending.........

Saturday, March 12, 2011

..wish i could turn back time

Photographs freezes the moment, takes you back in time, at least for a while.

I was going through my school farewell pictures my friend had uploaded on facebook, so much has changed in just 4 years. We were different people back then.

It's just been 4 years or its already been 4 years..both expression are exclamatory.When we all left school, we knew things would change, life would change, but none of us had a clue...that we won't be the same anymore.

Change is constant & change is for good..but i want to go back in time, be my old self.Life is all about moving forward, but i want to step back, go back in time.Life was simple then.Our complains were about how much homework we had to do, we wanted to kill Newton for that apple falling on his head & Einstein for creating that equation, wanted to stop electrons from jumping into another shell.We cribbed about getting up early in the morning for PT, about the monotonous food in mess, long prep hour & regular examinations.I miss those times when McD burger was all we wanted, i miss our group studies & coffee/maggi making nights.I miss our simplicity & dreams. I miss our dreams to own the world, to set our own rules.I miss our zeal to LIVE life.

And now, we strive to survive, not live but survive.

At times i wish....i could turn back time.

Our Farewell Hug :'(

The one thing that still brings a smile on my face is our memories together & the love we still share.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Mystery of "Forward" Cities.

On my way back home from Jaipur, i overheard people talking about how Delhi is a "forward" city.

I didn't hear it for the first time though, but even after hearing it time and again, i could never comprehend, what is the reason that Delhi is a forward city and Jaipur/Bihar/Haryana backward.

Yes, Delhi/Mumbai/Bangalore/Kolkata are metropolitan cities, are much versed with latest trends & technologies, have better education system, are more in news; well that would be for both good & bad reasons.

People belonging to metropolitan cities are mainly referred as the "forward" and i wonder why. Just because, girls here at the age of 25 think about their career instead of naming her second child, wear jeans instead of ghunghaat, belief's in herself instead of depending on her husband for every penny she needs.

We are considered forward because college kids go to bars, pubs, hookah joints. As far as i can think of, in villages too hookah's are famous among both men & women.Out here in the cities, we just go at posh joints, spend more money and do the same thing as they do.They drink desi daaru and here we prefer a known label. At least here we are conscious of the quantity. I am not discarding the number of accidents, but exceptions are every where.

People is smaller cities (no offense please) have this set notion of theirs about people belonging to metros, they consider all girls whores and every guy playboy.Well, there might be few that way, and some people just have this habit of showing off way too much, but don't judge us...we don't judge you.We are like any other soul, we care about family values as much as the so called "small towners" do.We breathe the same air, eat the same food...stop putting a label.

Cities,metropolitan or not have a better education system,law and order and if all that is being forward, well, i am "FORWARD".

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Very First Award...Yay..!! :D :D

My very first blog award, i feel awesome :D :D
Thank you so very much Chandana from A cup of coffee and a spark of madness
Appreciation feels great.
Thank you to all those, who took out time to read my blog.I have always enjoyed writing about things i care about, being appreciated for the same makes it even more fun. :)
I wasn't regular lately because my maternal uncle had brain hemorrhage & was in ICU, but i promise to be regular from now on. :)
Thank you once again :)

So following the rules, 7 things about me...ummm....
1.I eat a lot, i mean a lot, show me a Domino's pamphlet and I'll drool :P Am not fat though, am not petite either :P
2.I hate roaming around uselessly, i feel awesome sitting at home and starring at the ceiling :D
3. I love Govinda songs :D :D
4. I am scared of everything, yes everything, animals, height, water(though i know how to swim), dark...everything. =/
5. I am very very shy, my friends and kins won't agree, but they are friends & family :P
6. I am pappu, and i can't dance saala :P
7. I can't stand holes in socks :P

Now passing the baton :P
Mystical Skeptical Me
Congrats Girl :)

Happy Women's Day

Today is OUR day :)
Lot has been already said, but nothing would be enough to describe the importance of women. Hate us, love us, condemn us, you are nothing without us.
As quoted by Margret Thatcher,if you want something said, ask a man; if you want something done, ask a woman.

I have met many women, so have you. There hasn't been a single women i met, who hasn't struggled in life, who got her way easily.Stating one particular women strongest would be unfair to he rest. But, this lady, i have known the most, saw her sob silently while been condemned, laughing her heart out at the tinniest thing, taking care of the world and forgetting herself.She taught me to be strong amidst all atrocities, sh taught me to never give up, she made me what i am today.

Maa,i am the luckiest to have you.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

To the women of today

While browsing through various blogging sites, i found IndusLadies , and the competition announcement here got me excited.I thought to myself, what is the harm in participating and I had this very blog post written in my draft long back, but never found the exact time to post it.This seemed perfect.This contest is in prelude to International Woman's Day.Topic is: “A perspective on roles of Indian Women”, it is the celebration of womanhood.So, this is my entry for the contest.I tag Mystical Skeptical Me, Fatima and Annie.

Indusladies 2nd Annual International Woman's Day Blog Contest

Smart, focused, multitasking, well read would be one of the few adjectives that are used to describe the "women of today". She has come a long way from being confined in a stereotypical box, programmed to play the perfect daughter, sister, wife, daughter-in-law.Now she is all this and much more.
If not entirely, society has now giving her the status that she was claimed to have.She is now both an ideal wife and an ideal employee. She isn't happy with just one, because she is aware of her capacity to do more.

To me, women is the sole reason for the existence of this world, as she is the the only one conducive to life.Her prime role is of a mother,she not only gives birth. but nurtures the world with her warmth and love, protects them from the atrocities.
Never has a women been in the center stage, because she has the heart to back down and let others flourish. Society has always been gender biased, men have always been considered superior to women, and she quietly settled in the backseat, so that they feel comfortable being the forefront.

Women has always been a night watchman.When in trouble, she is the one to rely on. She'll take everything on her stride and lay forth a smooth path for everybody else to walk on.Women have always been mocked about being a complex human, about being the sole reason for differences.Little notice has been given on how selfless her deeds have always been, just because she loves you, she'll sacrifice herself and never even ask.Even if they have been selfish, they were thinking about the well being of her family.

Today, women is everywhere, there is nothing that a woman hasn't accomplished.And there would be nothing that she won't be capable of.Be it an entrepreneur or a home maker, they have there own success stories.They are not just responsible for their own success, but for others too.

A lot has been written on paper, she is a deity on on paper and a doormat in real.Things have improved a lot from my mom's time to mine, but there is still scope. The one thing that didn't change was, a women was happy being both, a deity and a doormat, as long as everybody else was happy.And this is her beauty.

Many stories are published about the strength of women, and how she freed herself from the clenches of an overpowering man.But those are just drops in ocean. Every woman has a story of her own, which might not appeal somebody to write a book, but there is a story.From our mothers to us, somewhere, we all have fought our own battles.She has cried her eyes out, felt weak, but with each tear drop, they could see the light refracting, they never gave up. I, myself, have seen a story unfold in front of my eyes.

A girl, married at the age of 15, now 55, has struggled all her life and still is.Being married at such a young age,little did she knew, what she had in store.All her life she fought, when she couldn't have a child,when her husband fought with death,when in laws assaulted her,when she had a little girl, when she was told to marry her off.She couldn't study much, but has a eye for textile, she can easily give a NID graduate a run for their money.Every battle, she fought with her poise intact, never did she succumb the pressure. Though, herself couldn't study much, but gave her daughter all resources. From her i learned, education does enlighten you, but there's more knowledge waiting for you in the outside world.Education, independence is required, but it is not just for the so call "educated" women.The woman of today is not who has degrees from Oxford, but is the one who believes in herself.

A woman's success today is the outcome of her own strength,determination. She has earned it.

Helen Reddy's song describes every woman's feeling...

I am woman, hear me roar
In numbers too big to ignore
And I know too much to go back an' pretend
'Cause I've heard it all before
And I've been down there on the floor
No one's ever gonna keep me down again

Oh yes, I am wise
But it's wisdom born of pain
Yes, I've paid the price
But look how much I gained
If I have to, I can do anything
I am strong
I am invincible

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The UGLY Truth

It was that time again, she was standing in the lab, doing the same practicals as she did last year..stirring the test tube...effervescence bubbles oozing out...
Gazing at them..took her back in time, when she was 16, fresh out of school, a carefree, happy-go-lucky, like any other ordinary girl.

Little did she knew about what awaits her, how mean this world is.It was her first day of college, she was away from parents, she was bit scared but then it was a new beginning, she had the most bright smile on her face.That place didn't make her happy, it wasn't as welcoming as she had thought,but her hopes didn't die..she thought to herself,"It's just the first day".Following days were not friendly either, she was making up her mind slowly that these three years, won't be easy. But miraculously things changed, her classmates were now nice to her, teachers were kind too. She was now relaxed, she thought to herself, "I am so naive, after all we are all new here"

Now days were less stressful for her. She was back being herself. She had no clue, what awaits her, what was the motive of those people being nice to her.

One day, a teacher of hers called her in his cabin,she had asked for a book which was just available for staff members. She went in there with a smile, and when she came out the world had changed for her. She was not the same person any more, the world wasn't the same for her.

A tear rolled down her cheek, she came back in present,realized where she was standing. She finished her practical and went back home.

She sat in a corner, the memory of that day was still fresh in her mind, it haunted her every now and then.For the world, she was confident,unperturbed, but inside, she was shattered.

She had never expected what happened to her in that room, she couldn't believe what she heard her teacher saying. She was threatened never to open her mouth, she was too overwhelmed to react to anything that time.

She went back home for holidays, she was too scared and embarrassed to tell her parents about it. When she refused to join college again, her father guessed something was wrong. He tried asking, but she could never gather the strength to tell him everything.
He took her back to college, talked to authorities, they assured her she will be fine and the issue would be taken care of, he assured her, that she'll be fine here, everything is okay now.She was still scared, but she had faith in her father.

Three years passed, they weren't the best, but she was glad that its over. She can start it all afresh.

July 18, just the day she got through the college she wanted to join for her post grad, her graduation result came.It was the shock of her life.She wasn't given marks in her practicals, she FAILED.

She fainted the moment she saw this, she was an above average student all her life, she had never even reappeared for a re-test in class. This was huge, and more so because of the hostile three years she had. Now, nothing could have been done to rectify it. She had to repeat the whole year.Her parents supported her all through this, but the faith in her had died.

She just stood for what was right, she stood for her principles, sleeping with someone to take up a step ahead in life wasn't her. She took a stand,and she was crushed. That one year,taught her the meaning of Harper Lee's statement,"People are people where ever you put them". Nobody was same to her, when she used to worry about her future, people though of her being selfish, when she cried, people told her she herself doesn't want to be happy nor can she someone else happy.

She had maintained her composure entire year, but she was human after all, she had the right to cry when she was sad, she had the right to be afraid of the unknown.

She was hurt, the result did leave a scar on her academic qualification, but the consequences she went through, left a scar on her heart, that would never heal. People whom she counted on, whom she had thought would be friends for life, mocked her by calling her "Dukhi Atma". She wasn't a sad soul, she was just hurt.The guy she loved, despite of knowing her inside out, wasn't patient with her too.People told her she should have handled that situation, and when she asked them HOW, they had no answer.They complained that she wasn't the same anymore, she nodded along, because now she couldn't be the same.They accused her she didn't handle it well, she had nothing to say, but she thought to herself, i survived, i never gave hope, i believed things would change soon.She was sure, she'll get her happy ending.

And one day,when she had enough of them,she left them all. She was tired of people judging her, so one day she gave everybody a piece of her mind. And as she had expected, everybody left. But she had no regrets. All her life, she had learnt to stand up for yourself, and she did.She was hurt when everybody turned their back towards her, but she thought to herself, "this is the real world".You either lose your conscience, else, good luck surviving.

Only one complaint she had from the world, Why wasn't she WARNED.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine Day, eh =/

Yeah, my reaction was the same, eh..!!
Valentine Days are cursed..at least for me.Not a single valentine day, since the day i realized what valentines day are, have been good. =|
But now am thinking that curse is being lifted... :D
Yesterday went just fine...except for the part that my leg is bruised, by some ghost am guessing, because i don't remember when and how it happened. I slept fine, but woke up with terrible pain, so much that i can't even walk right now. But, yeah that's not the Valentine curse, am careless. =|
Every Valentine went fighting with THE VALENTINE, but this time, no fights, no disagreements at all. :D
I am not a believer of Valentines Day, but then, expressing your love, i would never so no to that. :D
Am not really a mushy mush, but, whats the harm in being one, for a day, ay ;-)
Entire day, was nothing mushy as such , i spent the day watching Castle and then Flashforward, what awesome series :D
Too much of hardcore stuff on Valentines Day, so then it was the "awwwwwww movies" time, saw Going the distance & then Letters To Juliet :)
Going the distance, had thought i would relate to, but naay, and Letters to Juliet,almost made me cry, and Brit Boys are super hot ;-)
How did yours go..?!?

p.s: Late post, because, web cam dinners are tiring ;-)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Till distance does us apart....?!?

Him: Why does such a trivial thing matter so much to you, it a friend's sister engagement, not mine....why are we arguing about it.
She: Why didn't you care to tell me..?
Him: It wasn't important, it is nothing, i myself barely remember it.Big deal.
She: It is a big deal, for me.
Him: You just have a habit of making issues out of nothing.
She: Yes, its my habit, i have a habit of making issues about things i care.
Him: Care..care...you call this care, fighting over nothing, you call it care..?!?
She: I am fed up of being the second lady....
Him: Wait, wait wait....second lady...what are you accusing me of, i am cheating on you...how long have you been thinking this way...this is amazing, my girlfriend thinks am cheating on her..this is your trust...this is what our relation was based on...i can't believe it..3 years..and you think this...
She: At least listen to me...let me finish....
Him: Finish, finish what..is there anything left now...you don't trust me...you yourself said..you are sick of being the second lady....second lady..what else does it mean....

He kept yelling at her for half hour, she kept quite, sobbed silently, he was a very calm person, this side of his was unknown to her, he didn't stop, he didn't want to listen, he kept blaming her...and she just kept silent...she knew he loves her, too much...all she wanted was to be heard.....
But he had made his decision, he left...!!

........and as he hung up, she mumbled to herself," ..am fed up of knowing so less about you, am fed up of this distance, i know its still two years for you to finish college, but i am fed up of not being there with you, of not knowing everything about you, am fed up of this distance taking toll on me, i don't want every minute record of yours, but i just don't want to miss any bit of you, i love you so much"

Casper had said," If i tell you i love you, can i keep you forever...?", may be she should have said it, loud and clear, or may be the vows should be changed to...."Till distance does us apart"

p.s: Tomorrow is Valentines Day, wishing everybody happiness and love :)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

....but that memory never faded

Just like any other day...she was sitting gazing at her laptop, when a kid's howling distracted her. And soon before she could realize, a tear rolled down her cheek.

That cry was familiar to her, that plea for help, the immense faith on kins & being let down. That child calling his mother to help him, it was her few years back. The tear was unwilling to roll down, but she had no control, memories raced back, that crying of hers was echoing in her ears, she could feel herself struggling again, she could hear herself screeching, holding out for her kins to come save her.

She didn't want to walk back on that path, she tried to tuck herself to sleep, but that voice, that screeching became louder, as if that pain was pulling her back, she crumbled, as if protecting herself, but by then it was too late, she could feel those bruises again, she could see her kins standing at the door ,when her uncle beat her, she wished, to death.She was in pain, and she was sorry, all she wanted was for her hero's to come and save her.With each hit, her faith was bruised. With the image of her kins standing at the door, her eyes shut.

She woke up startled, all sweaty, throat hurting, eyes wet. She felt her body to find those bruises while she swallowed the lump in her throat, they weren't there. She took a deep breath. Just then, her Mom came, to ask if everything was fine with her, she forced a smile, nodded and said, "Nightmare, Maa". Her Mom smiled back to her and closed the door behind her as she left.

And as her mother walked away, a tear rolled down again. She knew it wasn't a nightmare,she relived one. 6 years later, a child she merely knew, made her race to the memories, she had thought she had forgotten.

She lied down, curled up in her bed,thinking why didn't they stop her uncle.She was just 14, little did she knew about good and bad, they could have punished her, not bruised her for life, after all she was their child. She fell, and it was their duty to pick her up and put her back on track, not push her more towards the pit.

She still thought no less of her kins, neither did she love them any less, but a void was there, her why was unanswered, she was bruised for life.

Those scar might have faded.....but that memory never did.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ba ba black sheep....have you any SCHOOL

Monster Admission is back and is more cruel. First the victims were just school pass outs, crawling there way to Med schools/B Schools/Law schools/Engg Colleges. Now the evil Admission Monster is not sparing tiny tots, just out of their cocoon.

Li'l kids, in this chilly Delhi winter morning,along with there helpless yet hopeful parents, were taking round of schools, trying to find one tiny way to get in, to be there in the "eligible" list set down by school administration.

This Admission Monster is becoming stronger with passing years, the creators of this monster are providing it with more and more power.

It is torturous enough prepping to get into college, now setting up such strict norms for primary education is pure evil. Its is every child's right to be entitled to primary education. With growing population in India and limited resources, its hard enough to get a child enrolled in a school, and now setting up a "cut-off" mark for a 4 year old...what the hell.

Parents were and still are, interviewed before admission, which sounds fair enough, but interviewing a child, who just dressed up and came there because his daddy promised him/her a candy, is insane. A 21 one year old me has no clue about what i want in life and many a times can't talk sense, how on this earth do you expect a toddler who still can't sleep without bed time story from Mommy, to talk sensibly and know it all.

Entrance exam to get admission in Pre-nursery/Nursery, what the phuck. Aren't CAT/MAT/AIEEE/IITJEE/GMAT/SAT/DPMT enough? And moreover, what are those people testing the children for..?!? Those kids are 4 and they are being sent to school, so that you teach them all those things, if parents have to teach everything, then why are they paying to maximum fraction of their income..?

And if all these grilling sessions was not enough, private schools just can't get enough money, they would rob one & they would rob all. Recently a Hindi news channel, Aaj tak, did a sting operation on popular West Delhi Schools to find out the real story of admission procedure. According to government rule, a child/family from EWS (Economically Weaker Sections) are not supposed to be charged for any admission procedure. Government would be paying Rs1300 per student per month to the school for children, which is not enough of the school administration. Read the statement of Delhi Education Minister Arvinder Singh Lovely here. Even after such strong statement from the education Minister itself , the school authorities fail to follow the law. In that sting operation, all those "popular" school were caught on camera asking for money. Even the school in which i studied for 10 long years was in the list. These videos are making it perfectly clear that even after admission, students and their parents wont be spared.

This piece of news just confirms how they never give up & by some way or the other find a disgusting ways to earn more & show less. Philanthropist they call themselves, i say Misanthropist, pure evil.

I don't know, whom exactly to blame, lack of governance, poor law and order or heartless administrators.What they don't realize or don't want to realize is, those kids are the future & they are not setting up a fine example. And this greed of theirs, would not only ruin the life of the kids, it'll come back & bite them in their ass too.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Veena BOMB

Source and reason for this post the new sensation VEENA MALIK and her latest interview on some Pakistan news channel, watch it here

She is a household name now, how to gain quick publicity, she knows all the tricks of the trade.
I cursed myself for watching the show but still didn't miss a single episode. During the 3 months of the show, this was mine & Gaga's, my super awesome girlfriend, favorite bitching topic. Addiction limits were so high that she saw it on her iphone when her laptop had gone for repairing. :D :D

Any who, a lot was said by maulvis, the priests of Islam, when she was inside the house and the talks, allegations haven't stopped yet. Awesome publicity gainer for her though.

So, this hindi news channel was showing these interview clippings, veena malink at what she does the best, being bitchy & slutty. So, this maulvi was asking her about her "actions" inside her house & does her conscience agrees with it. A lot was said from both sides many of which i couldn't understand..Urdu is such a tough language =/

She was going all bizarre about how could they release fatwa against her, that she didn't do anything wrong or against islam and gazillion other Rakhi Sawant stuff.That womenhood, and "you go Girl" motive of hers she tried to prove, if how she being a women was made a soft target.

Guess the sensuous massages, the orgasmic expressions and cozy cuddly sleeping is a part of her daily itinerary then.

Only one point of her's i agreed too was its not just because of her that Pakistan's name was demolished, the list goes long. And that if fatwa is to be released for anti-islamic behaviour, many other should get it first too. Yes she wasn't the first one to wear such scanty clothes & be "friendly" and give "respect & love" to other fellow human.

But the maulvi was correct bit by bit. Lady, you made the show primetime porn, totally 'A' rated, i could never watch it with parents, youtube came to my rescue each time. The so called womenhood you stood for, you disgraced each one of us.
Being the ghost slut that you are..might get a handful of things done for you..but then this world has few humans too.

And if 3 months of torture wasn't enough, news says she'll be here in cricket matches too, world cup seems so dull now.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

You Me aur Hum ♥

One of those sleepless nights...unfinished talk :(

I look back at the amazing time when we are together & think to myself..why are you so far away... :(
With so little time together & with so much to say...
the distance between us seems endless...those "miles apart, a breath close" theories seem unfathomable...

Glancing through our photos..its unfair that we stay apart, because with you i have stars in my eyes, smile on my face, world at my feet...with you everyday is a special day. As they say love is, you make me weak on my knee, you make my heart beat fast, you make my palm sweat, you make my throat go dry.

After each of the gazillion senseless fight over actually nothing i think is all this stress worth it.... and the moment i hear phone ringing again with your name flashing...my heart says....TOTALLY.

Too much of mush is not me, so i make fun of all you say knowing that you already know that i want everything you want for us and i want nothing but to be with you.

Patiently we wait through the year, for that time to come, prepare ourselves for the con of the year, make plans, and even if they don't turn out to be the way we thought, we look at each other & just be happy that we are together.

With you..time flies, with just a blink it is again time for you to go back...
With you...all i want is to freeze the time, the world to stop and that moment to never end.

It hurts when i need you the most, i don't have you around, but it soothes me down to just know you are there...wanting to be with me as much as i do.

You ask me all the time, why do i reach for your hands to hold the first thing we meet, and i mock you saying i don't want you to get lost in the crowd, i hold you close because i don't want to loose you, because without you I'll be lost in that unfamiliar crowd.

You adore my weirdest habits, you find my goof ups cute, you call me pretty even if i look like a total spas, you answer each time patiently when i ask, when did you know it was love, why do you love me, what is love, you find sense in my total random insane talks, you laugh at my pathetic jokes and with all this happy times, you read my mind when i fall short of words, you see me through when i try to hide my pain.

I still don't know what love is, but it sure feels similar to what i feel for you.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tees Maar Khan : Take Two

So my undying boredom & unconditional love for movies...forced to me try watching Tees Maar Khan, AGAIN....and i have been cursing myself ever since =/

Don't judge me..i was bored & had nothing better to do, now when i think of it..studying would have been a better option.

In the first attempt too i could not take the movie for an hour..it was worse this time...couldn't even sit through the self proclaimed number one item song of the year. Sheila ki jawaani is just so useless...doesn't work for me atleast.

Loud Akshay Kumar...trying to pull Indian accent Hindi & looking dumb Katrina Kaif, Raghu-Rajeev super weird & creepy twin villain act...nothing..not a single scene in the movie in which you can try to even fake a smile :(
Non script movies work (ref: Dabangg), but atleast it had nice enough, eh, original dialouge (ref: hum tumme itne ched karenge & pyaar se daar nahi lagta sahab).

But by the end of it..as in end of my patience..i found out...the publicity wasn't wrong. She publicized saying..it is the biggest con of the year...its is the biggest con of the decade...millennium.... (excluding Ram Gopal Verma ki Aag, i haven't watched it..am not that bored...duh..). I must say she pulled the con pretty well..creating such a hype about such a...uuumm..i don't have any decent word for it.. such a *BEEP* movie..bravo bravo.She is the real "TEES MAAR KHAN"

p.s: i wish it had any of the Khans, preferably...Shahrukh Khan...i would have alone made it a hit film ;-)
Yes..am partial, he is my first love :D

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Whats there in a name...?!?

So...following my new year resolution...here i am..!! :) :)

...was going through somebody's blog...she had very beautifully written her life story..her first blog..!!
It started with her name..rather her previous name...how that name didn't let her mingle up well, how that name was responsible for her lack of confidence and other stuff...!!
After reading i sat back and thought...my name is different too...not many people have the name "BHARGAVI"
and in no ways is my name responsible for the person i am. Rather i, for the person i am, give a new definition, a new meaning to my name.
Its an old belief that the name that you give your child...child would impersonate that. My name means goddess Parvati..and i am, by no means, even half a penny like we know her.

In a numerological/astrological way a name might affect the fate of a person..but does the summation of alphabets of name, its origin solely responsible for what/who the person is...?!?

No..definitely no...since kindergarten we are taught, "Make a name for yourself..", so even remotely thinking that a different name would make you is insane.
Had success rate been directly proportional to alphabets used in name then adding a dozen A's would have made anybody a billionaire over night.

Naam se nahi....kaam se insaan banta hai...!!

Name yourself Sita, gita...sangeeta or Shahrukh...you would be the person that you would want to be..the efforts that you put in to be that person.

Having a certain name doesn't effect your likability. Its sad enough that name discriminates us...designates a particular row in caste,creed,religion section..now liking/not liking a person just because they have a certain name..would just increase columns in that section.

A very common phrase..."Don't judge the book by it's cover". When you cannot say a book would be good enough for a read by just reading its name..here we are talking about a living being. I feel sad for those people who judge people that way & those who feel name makes any difference.

Well, for those who think name makes any difference..i must say easy way to dodge hard work.

Name is just your identification tag..same as your passport, voter id is.

Call me sheila, call me munni...i'll be famous...anyways ;-)

To conclude,

My name is Bhargavi and my name doesn't make or break me.


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