Sunday, January 23, 2011

Veena BOMB

Source and reason for this post the new sensation VEENA MALIK and her latest interview on some Pakistan news channel, watch it here

She is a household name now, how to gain quick publicity, she knows all the tricks of the trade.
I cursed myself for watching the show but still didn't miss a single episode. During the 3 months of the show, this was mine & Gaga's, my super awesome girlfriend, favorite bitching topic. Addiction limits were so high that she saw it on her iphone when her laptop had gone for repairing. :D :D

Any who, a lot was said by maulvis, the priests of Islam, when she was inside the house and the talks, allegations haven't stopped yet. Awesome publicity gainer for her though.

So, this hindi news channel was showing these interview clippings, veena malink at what she does the best, being bitchy & slutty. So, this maulvi was asking her about her "actions" inside her house & does her conscience agrees with it. A lot was said from both sides many of which i couldn't understand..Urdu is such a tough language =/

She was going all bizarre about how could they release fatwa against her, that she didn't do anything wrong or against islam and gazillion other Rakhi Sawant stuff.That womenhood, and "you go Girl" motive of hers she tried to prove, if how she being a women was made a soft target.

Guess the sensuous massages, the orgasmic expressions and cozy cuddly sleeping is a part of her daily itinerary then.

Only one point of her's i agreed too was its not just because of her that Pakistan's name was demolished, the list goes long. And that if fatwa is to be released for anti-islamic behaviour, many other should get it first too. Yes she wasn't the first one to wear such scanty clothes & be "friendly" and give "respect & love" to other fellow human.

But the maulvi was correct bit by bit. Lady, you made the show primetime porn, totally 'A' rated, i could never watch it with parents, youtube came to my rescue each time. The so called womenhood you stood for, you disgraced each one of us.
Being the ghost slut that you are..might get a handful of things done for you..but then this world has few humans too.

And if 3 months of torture wasn't enough, news says she'll be here in cricket matches too, world cup seems so dull now.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

You Me aur Hum ♥

One of those sleepless nights...unfinished talk :(

I look back at the amazing time when we are together & think to myself..why are you so far away... :(
With so little time together & with so much to say...
the distance between us seems endless...those "miles apart, a breath close" theories seem unfathomable...

Glancing through our photos..its unfair that we stay apart, because with you i have stars in my eyes, smile on my face, world at my feet...with you everyday is a special day. As they say love is, you make me weak on my knee, you make my heart beat fast, you make my palm sweat, you make my throat go dry.

After each of the gazillion senseless fight over actually nothing i think is all this stress worth it.... and the moment i hear phone ringing again with your name heart says....TOTALLY.

Too much of mush is not me, so i make fun of all you say knowing that you already know that i want everything you want for us and i want nothing but to be with you.

Patiently we wait through the year, for that time to come, prepare ourselves for the con of the year, make plans, and even if they don't turn out to be the way we thought, we look at each other & just be happy that we are together.

With you..time flies, with just a blink it is again time for you to go back...
With you...all i want is to freeze the time, the world to stop and that moment to never end.

It hurts when i need you the most, i don't have you around, but it soothes me down to just know you are there...wanting to be with me as much as i do.

You ask me all the time, why do i reach for your hands to hold the first thing we meet, and i mock you saying i don't want you to get lost in the crowd, i hold you close because i don't want to loose you, because without you I'll be lost in that unfamiliar crowd.

You adore my weirdest habits, you find my goof ups cute, you call me pretty even if i look like a total spas, you answer each time patiently when i ask, when did you know it was love, why do you love me, what is love, you find sense in my total random insane talks, you laugh at my pathetic jokes and with all this happy times, you read my mind when i fall short of words, you see me through when i try to hide my pain.

I still don't know what love is, but it sure feels similar to what i feel for you.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tees Maar Khan : Take Two

So my undying boredom & unconditional love for movies...forced to me try watching Tees Maar Khan, AGAIN....and i have been cursing myself ever since =/

Don't judge me..i was bored & had nothing better to do, now when i think of it..studying would have been a better option.

In the first attempt too i could not take the movie for an was worse this time...couldn't even sit through the self proclaimed number one item song of the year. Sheila ki jawaani is just so useless...doesn't work for me atleast.

Loud Akshay Kumar...trying to pull Indian accent Hindi & looking dumb Katrina Kaif, Raghu-Rajeev super weird & creepy twin villain act...nothing..not a single scene in the movie in which you can try to even fake a smile :(
Non script movies work (ref: Dabangg), but atleast it had nice enough, eh, original dialouge (ref: hum tumme itne ched karenge & pyaar se daar nahi lagta sahab).

But by the end of in end of my patience..i found out...the publicity wasn't wrong. She publicized is the biggest con of the year...its is the biggest con of the decade...millennium.... (excluding Ram Gopal Verma ki Aag, i haven't watched not that bored...duh..). I must say she pulled the con pretty well..creating such a hype about such a...uuumm..i don't have any decent word for it.. such a *BEEP* movie..bravo bravo.She is the real "TEES MAAR KHAN"

p.s: i wish it had any of the Khans, preferably...Shahrukh Khan...i would have alone made it a hit film ;-) partial, he is my first love :D

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Whats there in a name...?!?

So...following my new year i am..!! :) :)

...was going through somebody's blog...she had very beautifully written her life story..her first blog..!!
It started with her name..rather her previous that name didn't let her mingle up well, how that name was responsible for her lack of confidence and other stuff...!!
After reading i sat back and name is different too...not many people have the name "BHARGAVI"
and in no ways is my name responsible for the person i am. Rather i, for the person i am, give a new definition, a new meaning to my name.
Its an old belief that the name that you give your child...child would impersonate that. My name means goddess Parvati..and i am, by no means, even half a penny like we know her.

In a numerological/astrological way a name might affect the fate of a person..but does the summation of alphabets of name, its origin solely responsible for what/who the person is...?!?

No..definitely no...since kindergarten we are taught, "Make a name for yourself..", so even remotely thinking that a different name would make you is insane.
Had success rate been directly proportional to alphabets used in name then adding a dozen A's would have made anybody a billionaire over night.

Naam se nahi....kaam se insaan banta hai...!!

Name yourself Sita, gita...sangeeta or would be the person that you would want to be..the efforts that you put in to be that person.

Having a certain name doesn't effect your likability. Its sad enough that name discriminates us...designates a particular row in caste,creed,religion liking/not liking a person just because they have a certain name..would just increase columns in that section.

A very common phrase..."Don't judge the book by it's cover". When you cannot say a book would be good enough for a read by just reading its we are talking about a living being. I feel sad for those people who judge people that way & those who feel name makes any difference.

Well, for those who think name makes any difference..i must say easy way to dodge hard work.

Name is just your identification tag..same as your passport, voter id is.

Call me sheila, call me munni...i'll be famous...anyways ;-)

To conclude,

My name is Bhargavi and my name doesn't make or break me.


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