Sunday, January 23, 2011

Veena BOMB

Source and reason for this post the new sensation VEENA MALIK and her latest interview on some Pakistan news channel, watch it here

She is a household name now, how to gain quick publicity, she knows all the tricks of the trade.
I cursed myself for watching the show but still didn't miss a single episode. During the 3 months of the show, this was mine & Gaga's, my super awesome girlfriend, favorite bitching topic. Addiction limits were so high that she saw it on her iphone when her laptop had gone for repairing. :D :D

Any who, a lot was said by maulvis, the priests of Islam, when she was inside the house and the talks, allegations haven't stopped yet. Awesome publicity gainer for her though.

So, this hindi news channel was showing these interview clippings, veena malink at what she does the best, being bitchy & slutty. So, this maulvi was asking her about her "actions" inside her house & does her conscience agrees with it. A lot was said from both sides many of which i couldn't understand..Urdu is such a tough language =/

She was going all bizarre about how could they release fatwa against her, that she didn't do anything wrong or against islam and gazillion other Rakhi Sawant stuff.That womenhood, and "you go Girl" motive of hers she tried to prove, if how she being a women was made a soft target.

Guess the sensuous massages, the orgasmic expressions and cozy cuddly sleeping is a part of her daily itinerary then.

Only one point of her's i agreed too was its not just because of her that Pakistan's name was demolished, the list goes long. And that if fatwa is to be released for anti-islamic behaviour, many other should get it first too. Yes she wasn't the first one to wear such scanty clothes & be "friendly" and give "respect & love" to other fellow human.

But the maulvi was correct bit by bit. Lady, you made the show primetime porn, totally 'A' rated, i could never watch it with parents, youtube came to my rescue each time. The so called womenhood you stood for, you disgraced each one of us.
Being the ghost slut that you are..might get a handful of things done for you..but then this world has few humans too.

And if 3 months of torture wasn't enough, news says she'll be here in cricket matches too, world cup seems so dull now.


  1. Actually all her acts were preplanned. She knows the tricks and tails of getting in the bollywood... and recently I read somewhere that Veena will be doing an item number in an upcoming bollywood flick.

  2. Not a surprise that she is doing an item number, after all that is almost what she wanted.
    God save us. :P
    Thanks for stopping by Rachit. :)
    Take care :)



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