Sunday, January 2, 2011

Whats there in a name...?!?

So...following my new year i am..!! :) :)

...was going through somebody's blog...she had very beautifully written her life story..her first blog..!!
It started with her name..rather her previous that name didn't let her mingle up well, how that name was responsible for her lack of confidence and other stuff...!!
After reading i sat back and name is different too...not many people have the name "BHARGAVI"
and in no ways is my name responsible for the person i am. Rather i, for the person i am, give a new definition, a new meaning to my name.
Its an old belief that the name that you give your child...child would impersonate that. My name means goddess Parvati..and i am, by no means, even half a penny like we know her.

In a numerological/astrological way a name might affect the fate of a person..but does the summation of alphabets of name, its origin solely responsible for what/who the person is...?!?

No..definitely no...since kindergarten we are taught, "Make a name for yourself..", so even remotely thinking that a different name would make you is insane.
Had success rate been directly proportional to alphabets used in name then adding a dozen A's would have made anybody a billionaire over night.

Naam se nahi....kaam se insaan banta hai...!!

Name yourself Sita, gita...sangeeta or would be the person that you would want to be..the efforts that you put in to be that person.

Having a certain name doesn't effect your likability. Its sad enough that name discriminates us...designates a particular row in caste,creed,religion liking/not liking a person just because they have a certain name..would just increase columns in that section.

A very common phrase..."Don't judge the book by it's cover". When you cannot say a book would be good enough for a read by just reading its we are talking about a living being. I feel sad for those people who judge people that way & those who feel name makes any difference.

Well, for those who think name makes any difference..i must say easy way to dodge hard work.

Name is just your identification tag..same as your passport, voter id is.

Call me sheila, call me munni...i'll be famous...anyways ;-)

To conclude,

My name is Bhargavi and my name doesn't make or break me.

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