Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ba ba black sheep....have you any SCHOOL

Monster Admission is back and is more cruel. First the victims were just school pass outs, crawling there way to Med schools/B Schools/Law schools/Engg Colleges. Now the evil Admission Monster is not sparing tiny tots, just out of their cocoon.

Li'l kids, in this chilly Delhi winter morning,along with there helpless yet hopeful parents, were taking round of schools, trying to find one tiny way to get in, to be there in the "eligible" list set down by school administration.

This Admission Monster is becoming stronger with passing years, the creators of this monster are providing it with more and more power.

It is torturous enough prepping to get into college, now setting up such strict norms for primary education is pure evil. Its is every child's right to be entitled to primary education. With growing population in India and limited resources, its hard enough to get a child enrolled in a school, and now setting up a "cut-off" mark for a 4 year old...what the hell.

Parents were and still are, interviewed before admission, which sounds fair enough, but interviewing a child, who just dressed up and came there because his daddy promised him/her a candy, is insane. A 21 one year old me has no clue about what i want in life and many a times can't talk sense, how on this earth do you expect a toddler who still can't sleep without bed time story from Mommy, to talk sensibly and know it all.

Entrance exam to get admission in Pre-nursery/Nursery, what the phuck. Aren't CAT/MAT/AIEEE/IITJEE/GMAT/SAT/DPMT enough? And moreover, what are those people testing the children for..?!? Those kids are 4 and they are being sent to school, so that you teach them all those things, if parents have to teach everything, then why are they paying to maximum fraction of their income..?

And if all these grilling sessions was not enough, private schools just can't get enough money, they would rob one & they would rob all. Recently a Hindi news channel, Aaj tak, did a sting operation on popular West Delhi Schools to find out the real story of admission procedure. According to government rule, a child/family from EWS (Economically Weaker Sections) are not supposed to be charged for any admission procedure. Government would be paying Rs1300 per student per month to the school for children, which is not enough of the school administration. Read the statement of Delhi Education Minister Arvinder Singh Lovely here. Even after such strong statement from the education Minister itself , the school authorities fail to follow the law. In that sting operation, all those "popular" school were caught on camera asking for money. Even the school in which i studied for 10 long years was in the list. These videos are making it perfectly clear that even after admission, students and their parents wont be spared.

This piece of news just confirms how they never give up & by some way or the other find a disgusting ways to earn more & show less. Philanthropist they call themselves, i say Misanthropist, pure evil.

I don't know, whom exactly to blame, lack of governance, poor law and order or heartless administrators.What they don't realize or don't want to realize is, those kids are the future & they are not setting up a fine example. And this greed of theirs, would not only ruin the life of the kids, it'll come back & bite them in their ass too.


  1. More of it's parents nightmare... Don't know where all tall claims of cleansing goes away.. A good amalgam of posts .

  2. They are after all just claims. Its very saddening.
    Thanks alot :)
    I appreciate your stopping by, love the encouragement :)

    Take care :)



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