Saturday, February 12, 2011

....but that memory never faded

Just like any other day...she was sitting gazing at her laptop, when a kid's howling distracted her. And soon before she could realize, a tear rolled down her cheek.

That cry was familiar to her, that plea for help, the immense faith on kins & being let down. That child calling his mother to help him, it was her few years back. The tear was unwilling to roll down, but she had no control, memories raced back, that crying of hers was echoing in her ears, she could feel herself struggling again, she could hear herself screeching, holding out for her kins to come save her.

She didn't want to walk back on that path, she tried to tuck herself to sleep, but that voice, that screeching became louder, as if that pain was pulling her back, she crumbled, as if protecting herself, but by then it was too late, she could feel those bruises again, she could see her kins standing at the door ,when her uncle beat her, she wished, to death.She was in pain, and she was sorry, all she wanted was for her hero's to come and save her.With each hit, her faith was bruised. With the image of her kins standing at the door, her eyes shut.

She woke up startled, all sweaty, throat hurting, eyes wet. She felt her body to find those bruises while she swallowed the lump in her throat, they weren't there. She took a deep breath. Just then, her Mom came, to ask if everything was fine with her, she forced a smile, nodded and said, "Nightmare, Maa". Her Mom smiled back to her and closed the door behind her as she left.

And as her mother walked away, a tear rolled down again. She knew it wasn't a nightmare,she relived one. 6 years later, a child she merely knew, made her race to the memories, she had thought she had forgotten.

She lied down, curled up in her bed,thinking why didn't they stop her uncle.She was just 14, little did she knew about good and bad, they could have punished her, not bruised her for life, after all she was their child. She fell, and it was their duty to pick her up and put her back on track, not push her more towards the pit.

She still thought no less of her kins, neither did she love them any less, but a void was there, her why was unanswered, she was bruised for life.

Those scar might have faded.....but that memory never did.


  1. this a fiction or a real story???

    anyway its a touchin post...

  2. "With each hit, her faith was bruised"

    How did you come up with that!? Amazing line...
    And a very touching story.. Nice read! :)

  3. Hey it was quite a troublesome and a touching post...dunno what you've written is fiction or real....but hell yes it does happen a lot and its much more worse than anything....

    A question is what I would like to ask...why such a sad post when Valentines is nearing...there's gotta be something, people don't just do things or post things for the sake off...there always is a love the reason ? Coz love at times is not bliss for everyone, like here !

    Nice read...and hey do drop by my blog sometime too !

    Take Care,

  4. Anoop: Thank you :)
    This is well, mostly real, just put into words :)

  5. Sepo: Thank you ever much :)

    Chandana : That line just happend. :)
    Thank you very much :)
    Sun ke acha laga jee :P

  6. Fatima: This is mostly real :)
    Love is always the reason, for both happiness & tear.
    Thank you :)

    Take care :)



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