Sunday, February 13, 2011

Till distance does us apart....?!?

Him: Why does such a trivial thing matter so much to you, it a friend's sister engagement, not mine....why are we arguing about it.
She: Why didn't you care to tell me..?
Him: It wasn't important, it is nothing, i myself barely remember it.Big deal.
She: It is a big deal, for me.
Him: You just have a habit of making issues out of nothing.
She: Yes, its my habit, i have a habit of making issues about things i care.
Him: call this care, fighting over nothing, you call it care..?!?
She: I am fed up of being the second lady....
Him: Wait, wait wait....second lady...what are you accusing me of, i am cheating on long have you been thinking this way...this is amazing, my girlfriend thinks am cheating on her..this is your trust...this is what our relation was based on...i can't believe it..3 years..and you think this...
She: At least listen to me...let me finish....
Him: Finish, finish there anything left don't trust yourself are sick of being the second lady....second lady..what else does it mean....

He kept yelling at her for half hour, she kept quite, sobbed silently, he was a very calm person, this side of his was unknown to her, he didn't stop, he didn't want to listen, he kept blaming her...and she just kept silent...she knew he loves her, too much...all she wanted was to be heard.....
But he had made his decision, he left...!!

........and as he hung up, she mumbled to herself," fed up of knowing so less about you, am fed up of this distance, i know its still two years for you to finish college, but i am fed up of not being there with you, of not knowing everything about you, am fed up of this distance taking toll on me, i don't want every minute record of yours, but i just don't want to miss any bit of you, i love you so much"

Casper had said," If i tell you i love you, can i keep you forever...?", may be she should have said it, loud and clear, or may be the vows should be changed to...."Till distance does us apart"

p.s: Tomorrow is Valentines Day, wishing everybody happiness and love :)


  1. that was a realistic conversation..u know it happens with everyone...

    everyone expect him/her to give a minute-to-minute record of each other's life... cant b blamed...some like it..some doesnt.....

    hope its a fiction.. :D

    happy valentine's day to u... enjoy n haf fun.. :D

  2. That was a brilliant post..! :)
    Long distance is hard to manage but not impossible :)
    I have mixed feelings about every valentines day.. i feel like celebrating but then i feel its not that big a deal.. anyway ill be at work so cant complain!

    Happy V-day! Have fun and lots of love!

  3. Anoop: Well, its so common that even with a hint of it, you can make out the whole conversation. ;)
    Long distance relations are tough, lot of patience and endurance it requires :)
    Fiction, yeah, and i wish it doesn't come real for any one. :)
    Take Care

  4. Chandana: Thank You :)
    They are very tough, it never goes how you plan, you just have to wait for that day to come, which will be "yours"
    Too much mush & marketing somehow kills it, but then, who is to judge :)
    Monday makes it sad this time though. =/

    Lots of love & care :)

  5. That was a real convo that happens and it's just not common in long distance relationships now-a-days...but yeah it hurts when you're love and care is taken as irritating and you behavior at times nagging, though both the parties are responsible for it...but then sometimes I think what did I do so much that he was irked...I just cared and was myself and I let go, so why doesn't he seem to understand me?

    Anyways on a brighter note, Happy Valentines Day ! Enjoy and have fun :)

    Take Care,

  6. Yeah true, but then, with being able to see each other everyday and still this convo, my mind says, super easy way to break up. But, then again, who is the judge.

    Love & Care

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  9. Bhargavi, I love the way you write. It pulls the right strings of my heart. Well, for that matter, anyone's - I am positive. :) This conversation felt so realistic that 'Her' disappointment made me feel sad. I am wishing late - But Happy Valentines Day! :)

  10. Mystical Skeptical Me: Thank You very much.
    I am in total awe of your view point, i love the way to compare. :)

    Happy Valentines Day to you too, hope it went fine. :)
    Love & Care

  11. Yeah, when she knows that he loves her too much, she should say it out loud, the line of keeping him for ever. And let no distances do them part, come what may.

    Nice read,

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  12. Blasphemous Aesthete: Yeah, may be.Thank You for dropping by.
    Love & care



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