Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine Day, eh =/

Yeah, my reaction was the same, eh..!!
Valentine Days are cursed..at least for me.Not a single valentine day, since the day i realized what valentines day are, have been good. =|
But now am thinking that curse is being lifted... :D
Yesterday went just fine...except for the part that my leg is bruised, by some ghost am guessing, because i don't remember when and how it happened. I slept fine, but woke up with terrible pain, so much that i can't even walk right now. But, yeah that's not the Valentine curse, am careless. =|
Every Valentine went fighting with THE VALENTINE, but this time, no fights, no disagreements at all. :D
I am not a believer of Valentines Day, but then, expressing your love, i would never so no to that. :D
Am not really a mushy mush, but, whats the harm in being one, for a day, ay ;-)
Entire day, was nothing mushy as such , i spent the day watching Castle and then Flashforward, what awesome series :D
Too much of hardcore stuff on Valentines Day, so then it was the "awwwwwww movies" time, saw Going the distance & then Letters To Juliet :)
Going the distance, had thought i would relate to, but naay, and Letters to Juliet,almost made me cry, and Brit Boys are super hot ;-)
How did yours go..?!?

p.s: Late post, because, web cam dinners are tiring ;-)


  1. hmmm... spent a lovely wonderful day stuck at office! Am not against V-day but am not for it also.. its just another day...

    Good to know you had a great time! :)

  2. not really a fan of the V-day myself!

  3. Anoop: Funny post for a very phunny day :D
    Hope you are now enjoying North.
    Take Care.

  4. Chandana, your gift to self, one awesome way to express love.
    Happy Traveling.
    Love & Care

  5. Sepo, the "too much" part kills it.
    Love reading your posts.

    Love & Care.



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