Monday, March 14, 2011

....all she has is BELIEF

They had their issues,but that everyone has,she wanted to be strong.

He discarded everything she had done, he discarded his mistakes she didn't notice.
But she still remembers what had kept them together all this while, the little things that bought them close,the li'l gestures of his.....

She never said much, she believed she never had to...

It has been long...but she remembers the times they had together....
she can't feel them now, may be because of the pain....but she believes he'll be back remind her of how it felt...

And so she believes...they'll get their happy ending.........


  1. hmmmmmmm..... its always good to believe in somethin.... :)
    hope its a fiction... :D

  2. Anoop: all is well that ends well, if those belief's have a happy ending...all good..but what if they don't...?!?
    And you know...every fiction is someones reality :)

  3. I just hope she keeps believing, I am sure She'll get it. :)

  4. Wait is Hope...all she has to have faith, you never know what it turns out to be =)

    Take Care.

  5. Believing is something that makes you stand out in crowd, makes you feel that you are not that wrong, makes you understand that things will not be so bad always. =) Lovely Post. I am sure she'll never stop believing.



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