Thursday, March 10, 2011

Mystery of "Forward" Cities.

On my way back home from Jaipur, i overheard people talking about how Delhi is a "forward" city.

I didn't hear it for the first time though, but even after hearing it time and again, i could never comprehend, what is the reason that Delhi is a forward city and Jaipur/Bihar/Haryana backward.

Yes, Delhi/Mumbai/Bangalore/Kolkata are metropolitan cities, are much versed with latest trends & technologies, have better education system, are more in news; well that would be for both good & bad reasons.

People belonging to metropolitan cities are mainly referred as the "forward" and i wonder why. Just because, girls here at the age of 25 think about their career instead of naming her second child, wear jeans instead of ghunghaat, belief's in herself instead of depending on her husband for every penny she needs.

We are considered forward because college kids go to bars, pubs, hookah joints. As far as i can think of, in villages too hookah's are famous among both men & women.Out here in the cities, we just go at posh joints, spend more money and do the same thing as they do.They drink desi daaru and here we prefer a known label. At least here we are conscious of the quantity. I am not discarding the number of accidents, but exceptions are every where.

People is smaller cities (no offense please) have this set notion of theirs about people belonging to metros, they consider all girls whores and every guy playboy.Well, there might be few that way, and some people just have this habit of showing off way too much, but don't judge us...we don't judge you.We are like any other soul, we care about family values as much as the so called "small towners" do.We breathe the same air, eat the same food...stop putting a label.

Cities,metropolitan or not have a better education system,law and order and if all that is being forward, well, i am "FORWARD".


  1. Firstly, an impressive theme, as I'm a teacoholic(tea +alcohol) I felt in love at the first sight with this blog... :)

    I'm a native of Lucknow and being studying in Chandigarh for more then three years now and I can easily relate to people when they say cities like Delhi, Bombay or any other are extra modern than most of the cities in India.

    Only a hookah joint, a pub or wearing a skirt doesn't make it a modern or a backward city. I'm not against girls wearing short skirts or people going to bars and all but, then there has to be a limit, a decisive line. It should be the same for girls and boys.

    It's good that we live in a democratic country and we as a citizen of it have got certain freebies but, we should always try to preserve the morals and ethics of our country too.

    Also, cities like Delhi and Bombay got the inherent advantage of early industrial development which other parts of the country like Eastern states and Kashmir are still struggling to achieve, which made this cities developed, more educated and more closer to western world and thus more modern.

  2. Yes i agree that people in metros are often branded as being 'forward' and 'fast'. But its not just that. People from big cities too look down upon those living in non-metropolitan cities. Its a two way process.

    For instance, i live in Hyderabad, and its a fast growing city on par with b'lore, Mumbai etc. But very few consider it so. When i introduce myself to a Delhite or a Banglorian, saying am from hyd, i get a look as if am a cave man! So i can imagine how people from even lesser(for lack of a word) cities would feel!

    Then again there are exceptions... am not trying to generalize anything here... and its those exceptional people like you and me who feel this whole judging is a load of crap and doesnt mean anything or tell anything as to how a person actually is.. whichever city he is from!

  3. Rachit: Thank You :) It isn't my effort though, my friend did it for me :D
    I agree to the part that a child brought up in a metro city is more western considering to its counterpart who stays in a village or a less developed city, if that's the right word to use.
    But i hate that fact that people generalize it, not everybody is that way.There might be a few. Am sure there would be innumerable example of the unethical creatures on the so called other side of world too.
    I agree, to Chandana's point of view, it is a two way street, not everybody, but show offs are always there.
    About the pubs, short skirts, well, to each is its own.You can't judge.What i think is my perspective..i can't force somebody to agree to it.There should be demarcation, i agree, but who would make it..that is the question.

  4. Chandana, i totally agree, it is a two way street.
    What annoys me is why generalize.Exceptions are everywhere.
    Btw, Hyderabad is a nice place, i have stayed there for a year, i was too young that time though, but i have really happy memories.That place is very special to me. :)

  5. Hey first off you've got an impressive template liked it !

    Coming to the write up...its not always true that people from metropolitan are only forward..come to take even small town people are...its just the perception of the individual!
    I'm from Mumbai and I wouldn't treat anyone on different basis or flaunt my Metropolitan status; but yes there are people. Again not everyone goes to pubs and has a night life as its usually mistaken to be....

    Anyways nice post...btw where are you from? If, I'm not wrong Delhi ?

    Take Care.

  6. Hey Fatima,thank you :)
    Yep..i am from Delhi :)
    My point is the same too, why generalize, not everybody lives the way the imagine & movies are fiction, all that flamboyance is for few who chose to be so.

    Much Love & Care

  7. kinda classified people backward and forward people...well i guess it do not depend on the place you are in, it depends on you...n for delhites i wud say that yeah delhites are kinda spoiled and bad, n most of all dey love being bad... :D

  8. Well, in my defence i just used the exact antonym.
    Yep, it depends on individual, may be i have met way too many people who categorize.
    Don't generalize Nimit, i am a good good girl :D

  9. hey its Namit...
    n yeah few delhites are that way... :)

  10. Oops, so so sorry Namit, (though i kind of like Nimit :D )
    I usually never forget/misspell names =/

    And..yeah..i have met quite a few that way delhites.. ;-)
    And many of them..from diff place though, but now religiously Delhite. :P

  11. We all know that a few bad apples lead to a bad image of the whole lot. But we can only try our best to project a good image. :)

  12. BA: True :) I just hope the number of We increases :)



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