Monday, March 14, 2011

Random Questions Tag =)

Such Randomness because am too bored and sleepless... =/
I saw this tag in Chandana's blog : A cup of coffee and a spark of madness ; i like her blog name..very easy, relaxed, it brings a smile on my face each time i read it =)

So here the questions begin:
1. Where were you three hours ago?
Lazing around, watching Dear John =D

2. Is there anything pink within 10 feet of you?
Nope, i repel pink i guess =/

3. What are you wearing right now?
Very corny question though, but yeah jammies and superman tee (i am obsessed with them =P)

4. What are the colors of your bedroom walls?

5. Who is the last person you sent a message/comment/BBM ?
Gargi, she has transferred her Insomnia via interface to me =|

6. What does your last text message say?
3G :P (activating the services you see :P)

7. Can you taste the difference between Pepsi and coke?
Nope..don't like them..i prefer sprite.

8. Is your hair curly or straight?
They are moody..curlish...straightish..wavish =|

9. What is the hardest thing you ever had to do?
Kick start a Yamaha =|

10. Favorite two color combination
Black & Grey; Black & White

11. What is your favorite accessory
My fastrack's biker collection poster watch =P

12. Which current celebrity style do you admire the most
Right now...umm...Anushka Sharma

13. What is your favorite fashion store/shop
Okay....tough question...i found, was rather gifted, my latest Superman tee from Graphitee, so yeah..Graphitee =P

14. When was the last time you drove out of town
Drove...umm...i went to gaziabad few months back..would that count =/

15. With the exception of the computer, what can you hear
Its too early in the refrigerator's stabilizer is making noise =|

16. What was the last thing you bought
New local sim for my sister & an envelop to dispatch my college admission form.

17. What is the first thing you think of when you wake up in the morning know who...!!!

18. Favorite Food
Very very tough question..but if i have to..then Rajma Chawal =)

19. Biggest turn off
People who are all about themselves

20. What do you always have on you/wear
This rakhi Maa tied on my hand on my last b'day =)

21. What does your screen name mean/how did you come up with it
I don't like the whole idea of screen offense...its my real name...daddy came up with it..after a lot of researching =D

22. Favorite style of top/blouse
I wear none...i avoid top/blouses...i feel very comfortable in an over sized tee or Kurta (and am not fat =|)

23. Favorite tv show.
Lapataganj On Sab :P (All time fav: Friends)

24. Favorite TV show from childhood
Tintin, Shaktiman, Telly Tubies, Captain Vyom, He Man... ( I feel sad for today's kids..such crappy cartoons they have =/)

25. What does your dream bedroom look like
Very very spacious,huge french windows,comfy huge bed, huge bathroom, huge book shelf, giant wardrobe (i hope by then..the change my family wants in me is there)...everything HUGE :P

Okay so it is done already....and am still bored and sleepless.

I am not this boring person as i am coming out to be here...don't judge me =|

The picture here...oh well...its all random..and i love GEMS :P


  1. so how was DEar john.. is he ok :) he heeh e ahhh ok ok bad joke ..

    hmm a yamaha wowo.. but you managed to do it thats awesome...

    not judging you at all . he he


  2. Dearest John is very very handsome,Bikramjit. :P
    O yesh i did it..i am so proud of myself :D :D

  3. We have quite a few similarities I came to know after reading your answers..:)Well I love that Laptaganj.. It's so true and real... :D n gems.. deliciously yummy..

    n u saw Shaktiman.. that hota hai jab admi ko apna gyaan?? hehehe...

  4. No, driving to Ghaziabad doesn't count! If that is the case, I do three states usually every week! :p

    He-Man - Ditto!
    Rahma-Chawal - Can't live without it! :D

    Fine, read this if you are bored enough someday! :p

    And I noticed your comment on my blog on my birthday *13th Feb*, but without a wish! :|

    Nice knowing you! :)

  5. Rachit: See, my About Me itself says..i am a bit of You :)
    I saw Shaktiman..bought a Shaktimann tee and even tried to fly like him :P

  6. Sourav: hahahahaha...BPCL should give to "Special Members Card" :P
    I read it...await more of me soon ;-)

    I wished you now, just a month late though =/

    And and...welcome here :D

  7. Okay, I'd excuse you if you gimme a bday gift! :p

  8. LOL :P
    Let me bump into you on your daily three states trip,then :P

  9. Whoa that was quite a list...Dear John hmm have you read the novel? I'm wanting to read it !! :)
    and yeah I really pity today's kids no good cartoons....

    Take Care.

  10. first time here...
    nice blog,
    dear john is a nice movie one of my fav..and your dream bedroom sounds very majestic...liked the idea of everything huge..:)
    and I also read your post 'me aur hum'...its really great.
    keep up the good work girlie...

  11. Fatima, no i haven't read it but have downloaded the pdf now..would let you know after i finish reading it :) good cartoons..what is this pikachoo & Ben 10...i never get them =|

    Rolling stone: Welcome =)
    Thank you very much =)

  12. I love the description of the 'dream bedroom' you gave. It is like the one I'd want. =D Well, that is why it's the dream bedroom =)And no, you are not coming off as boring. You are chilled out. =)

  13. Bhargavi,

    Got your link from your comment in blogspace I visit often. Read all current posts and navigated to Ugly Truth. Metros have more access to information which makes inhabitants a little more knowledgable than those from smaller cities. That may be labled as Forward. Who would not like to go back to easy time in past? Hope Ugly Truth was fiction as such incidents have happened many times. I feel sad for her, if it is true. This one is so honestly done and gives an impression about you.

    Take care

    PS : Do visit me if you find time.

  14. MSM: We are space lovers ;-)

    Jack: Thank You Sir =)



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