Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Very First Award...Yay..!! :D :D

My very first blog award, i feel awesome :D :D
Thank you so very much Chandana from A cup of coffee and a spark of madness
Appreciation feels great.
Thank you to all those, who took out time to read my blog.I have always enjoyed writing about things i care about, being appreciated for the same makes it even more fun. :)
I wasn't regular lately because my maternal uncle had brain hemorrhage & was in ICU, but i promise to be regular from now on. :)
Thank you once again :)

So following the rules, 7 things about me...ummm....
1.I eat a lot, i mean a lot, show me a Domino's pamphlet and I'll drool :P Am not fat though, am not petite either :P
2.I hate roaming around uselessly, i feel awesome sitting at home and starring at the ceiling :D
3. I love Govinda songs :D :D
4. I am scared of everything, yes everything, animals, height, water(though i know how to swim), dark...everything. =/
5. I am very very shy, my friends and kins won't agree, but they are friends & family :P
6. I am pappu, and i can't dance saala :P
7. I can't stand holes in socks :P

Now passing the baton :P
Mystical Skeptical Me
Congrats Girl :)


  1. Congrats...:D I got my few weeks ago.. you will get even more in future... :)

  2. Congrats for the award .. ... heres wishing many more to come


  3. Ink Imprits: Lovely! Congratulations! <3

    And a HEARTY thanks to you! :D

  4. well a shy, not so courageous gal, who cant dance loves govinda songs, eats a lot and to add is kinda homesick...whoa...dats wat dey call complete.. :D
    anywaz congos... :)

  5. MSM: Thank You <3

    Unruly Rebel: Well, what can i say, this is ME, all random :P
    My dance is basically that UP wala thumka :P
    Homesick, only when i am in Jaipur, my college,otherwise homebound :P

    Thank you for stopping by.

    Love & Care :)

  6. congrats....dear friend !! by the way thanks for telling abt u !!!

    keep on ....good writing!!

  7. well up wala thumka n govinda... :P



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