Saturday, March 12, 2011

..wish i could turn back time

Photographs freezes the moment, takes you back in time, at least for a while.

I was going through my school farewell pictures my friend had uploaded on facebook, so much has changed in just 4 years. We were different people back then.

It's just been 4 years or its already been 4 years..both expression are exclamatory.When we all left school, we knew things would change, life would change, but none of us had a clue...that we won't be the same anymore.

Change is constant & change is for good..but i want to go back in time, be my old self.Life is all about moving forward, but i want to step back, go back in time.Life was simple then.Our complains were about how much homework we had to do, we wanted to kill Newton for that apple falling on his head & Einstein for creating that equation, wanted to stop electrons from jumping into another shell.We cribbed about getting up early in the morning for PT, about the monotonous food in mess, long prep hour & regular examinations.I miss those times when McD burger was all we wanted, i miss our group studies & coffee/maggi making nights.I miss our simplicity & dreams. I miss our dreams to own the world, to set our own rules.I miss our zeal to LIVE life.

And now, we strive to survive, not live but survive.

At times i wish....i could turn back time.

Our Farewell Hug :'(

The one thing that still brings a smile on my face is our memories together & the love we still share.


  1. Even I have the similar feelings..:D

  2. O how photographs can make u so nostalgic and reveal so much about u that u never noticed!

    :) and especially "farewell" has it's own charm.

    p.s: Like the last line of your "about me" :)

  3. hehe..yea..collge days were one of the best moments in my life too...n the sad part is, we can neva go back in time..if we could, then there wont b any future for anyone in this world.. ;)

  4. Man we were killin' time
    We were young and restless
    We needed to unwind
    I guess nothin' can last forever

    Those are indeed good days!

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  5. Rachit: I guess everybody feels something similar at some point. :)

    S: So true :)
    Thank You. I liked your blog, coffeandapple, so much for the foodie in me ;-)

    Anoop: True, there would be nothing like future, but still you can't stop feeling the ned to turn back in time ;-)

    BA: Summer of '69, it was our farewell song. So many memories :)

  6. xyzandme, am still in college, it doesn't feel the same.



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