Sunday, April 17, 2011

Namma Bengaluru =D

So,i was in Bangalore,only for 3 days though, but i was in BANGALORE, finally :D

But i swear to God,the journey was pathetic,it is so so far...and i got so bored in train =/
Not that i haven't travel beyond that..i have been to Kerala, Kanyakumari and all too..but this one seemed endless =/

Unlike what AV and other friends of mine say...i somehow liked Bangalore, i couldn't find much of a difference between Delhi & Bangalore.Same traffic issues, malls all around,metro construction in progress (they call it namma metro, which i somehow find very funny :P); only difference was no Hindi posters :P

The most funniest thing i read was Kempegowda, he was the founder of Bangalore, i guess, the Majestic bus stand, opposite to railway station is named after him.You might not find it funny..but i kept laughing till i reached home :P

And i found autowalas there better than Delhi autowala' least i didn't have to fight with them for fare & ask them to charge according to meter =|

I had thought,i would take many pictures and all...but i just didn't find time..i was too busy.But, i am expecting to spend more time there so...i didn't care much ;-)

Bangalore would be a new chapter in my life,an opportunity to restart everything =)

Going there is a huge decision though, too much on stake, but details about that its all happy happy =)

And with this i now add a new label to the blog, TRAVEL :D
Yeah i could have added it before..and write about Delhi, but then, i wanted to be sure, i can write something in it =)
I have this very long list of the places that am planning to explore till the time i am in Bangalore.
If you guys know any awesome place in Bangalore and around..any nice place for that matter..let me know =)

These are the only two pics i could manage to take, that too while i was returning... =/
It was raining..but i don't think you guys can notice it. =|

And this was the only bit of me i could capture =P

p.s: I am really sorry..i am not being able to even read any of your blogs..too busy..and then i have exams.. =/
So more of torture travel. But i would be back, i promise =)

Take Care =)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Facebook: Age No Bar =/ here i am cribbing about facebook again.
No,i have no issues with Mark Zuckerberg neither do i have any issues with facebook (except for that there is no option STOPPING people to tag you in nonsense pics).

What annoys me is the presence of school going kids on facebook.I had a mail id and these social networking accounts when i begun college.No, am trying to act granny-ish here,but it is a fact that such social networking at such small age is not going to do any good to kids. I can still bear a senior secondary kid around, but a kid merely 11 having FB account...where is this world going.

Are we oldies (not literally) not enough, why push li'l kids to be socially "liked".I see kids uploading pictures incessantly,adding people they have never met,talking in the oh-so-cool way.They are pushing things,acting,as they assume we, the oldies do.

My nephew and neice, both 11 (who by the way are elder to me considering their facebook DOB) are comparatively more active than me and it is my DUTY to check there facebook accounts every now and then and make sure nothing inappropriate is happening. (ME being the root cause of their introduction to facebook =( ).

I have tried changing their passwords, almost every possible trick to stop them from using it, but guess these days kids are born smart *sigh*

I wish,there was someway that this could be regulated.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

To all the LOSERS against Anna Hazare

I came across this facebook fan page...and my first reaction, such attention seeker.

Right now, there are around 20 odd people "liking" the page, posting about how anti-democratic Hazare's action are, that this is "merely another spineless effort by a toothless Indian Government".

These twenty odd people might be very bright, are very versed with the constitution and laws as they are all future lawyers, but does that mean these billion people supporting this cause are all douches..who have no knowledge what so ever.Everybody in the crowd would not be aware of the constitution about what this Lokpal bill is about and what are its contents, but there must be few, well read people, may be lawyers, who know the law and order much better than the law students and still support it.And even the man sitting next to Hazare is a well renowned lawyer who has been the law minister during BJP's government.

Yes, i agree his ways might be kiddish,it does seem like a four year kid wants his favorite toy, but has the patient wait paid..?!? As per my knowledge, its already been 42 years, how much more should we wait. And all this old man wants is to set up a committee which has public representatives and not just politicians and prepare a draft, he isn't asking it to be a law overnight.These anti-Hazare people are saying that the bill should be debated, so what else is this old man saying...set up a committee, the committee members would discuss what all points should be there and then it'll be sent to parliament, where it'll be debated again.

This guy has been raving about RTI and how people should ask for information about this issue and not emotionally blackmail, somehow i guess he forgot, it was this guys efforts and today he is enjoying the perks of RTI.

When i heard about the powers of this institution even i said, why give so much power to one institution (it can summon any corrupt individual, even Prime Minister), giving so much power invites corruption.But then, when we have trusted so many governments despite of knowing that none of their promises would ever be executed, then why not trust the "law", that is in our favor.

The only thing i would like these losers to know is, it is easy to condemn else's efforts, its even more easier to create a facebook fan page and get attention, what is difficult is unite a billion people for one issue, it is difficult to have that effect, it is difficult to be selfless.It's easy to talk, its easier to crib, its even more easy to find flaws in somebody, but if you have so much of knowledge, and if you think you are so capable,why didn't you do this, why didn't you stand up and fight against corruption.

And this mass protest, for me, is commendable, no violence, no burning effigy's, no lathi charge. The mob is angry yet no violence, calm candle light protest against the system.

I salute this 73 year old man for his courage and strength.I am with him.

Sunday, April 3, 2011


No pictures, no painted faces...i have got nothing to show what it means...but i feel the same as the one billion heart of Indians do.

We are now the CHAMPIONS.

Teams hard work and our beliefs finally paid off. After a wait of exactly 28 years, it was again our day, we have now been there, WON that.And as Sachin himself said, "Its never too late to win the world cup"

AV had been forcing me to write about the matches...Ind vs Eng (which he saw in stadium, and saw THE GOD play; there, i mentioned it,happy :P),Ind vs Aus, Ind vs Pak, but i believed we would take the victory lap. And we did.

Thank you Team India, you have made each one of us a CHAMPION.

(how i wish their was Sourav Ganguly, amidst all the celebrations, taking the victory lap)


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