Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Facebook: Age No Bar =/

Yeah..so here i am cribbing about facebook again.
No,i have no issues with Mark Zuckerberg neither do i have any issues with facebook (except for that there is no option STOPPING people to tag you in nonsense pics).

What annoys me is the presence of school going kids on facebook.I had a mail id and these social networking accounts when i begun college.No, am trying to act granny-ish here,but it is a fact that such social networking at such small age is not going to do any good to kids. I can still bear a senior secondary kid around, but a kid merely 11 having FB account...where is this world going.

Are we oldies (not literally) not enough, why push li'l kids to be socially "liked".I see kids uploading pictures incessantly,adding people they have never met,talking in the oh-so-cool way.They are pushing things,acting,as they assume we, the oldies do.

My nephew and neice, both 11 (who by the way are elder to me considering their facebook DOB) are comparatively more active than me and it is my DUTY to check there facebook accounts every now and then and make sure nothing inappropriate is happening. (ME being the root cause of their introduction to facebook =( ).

I have tried changing their passwords, almost every possible trick to stop them from using it, but guess these days kids are born smart *sigh*

I wish,there was someway that this could be regulated.


  1. Given the assertion that kids these days are more smarter than the oldies, I think they have grown up prematurely. Maybe even older than you O Old One:P.
    So, maybe they are under much more pressure of being liked than the old ones are.
    Ab jab aapne panga le hi liya hai to bhugato bhi :P :D

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  2. except for that there is no option STOPPING people to tag you in nonsense pics.

    I AGREE I AGREE I AGREE I AGREE........ infinite times

    OMG! I'm fed up of deleting stupid notification emails from my inbox....

  3. I know what u r saying..Kids are smart now-a-days and you cant just tell them the risks and dangers and expect them to blindly believe you...

    Parents need to put in a little more effort in educating their children in a different way. Not simply scolding and admonishing because that wont work. And when you leave a pc with an internet connection in the child's room, and the parents are both working, it is natural that children will use/misue their freedom.

    You just need a strong communication between the child and parent.

  4. FB is the worst thing to happen to kids beleive me .. I have seen some bad examples.

    Set your computer on parental control.. that way they will need ur permisson to go to a web page ..

    and I do think FB should have some sort of parental control on it

    If u had put some for MEN i would not mind picking :)
    these look lovely


  5. Bhargavi,

    Read 3 pending posts now. It makes one proud that we got the cup back after 28 years. Most of those who supported Anna may not be aware of nuances of legality of proposed bill but all have one thing which is engraved on mind - REMOVE CORRUPTION. I totally agree with you on youngsters joining social networking. It may be Ok to have e-mail id but to go public is something which can endanger them, specially girls. In my opinion parents or some elder relative must monitor their activities. Kudos to you to have taken up this role.

    Take care

    PS : No time for visit?

  6. Yeah, I totally agree with you. But I guess, its good.. they are becoming more tech savvy. :)

  7. 11...that's too old..my six year old nephew asks me.."chachu do you have a FB account?"

    and yeah..the 3G kids are really smart...read my latest post :)

    Keep Bloging

  8. BA: Growing prematurely is not at all good, they are missing out on so much.
    They find it very annoying today,but one day, one fine day, they'll know the importance of bade buddhon ki baat :P

    Anoop: I have tried being rude too...nothing works..no godamm idea works. =(

  9. Chandana: Communications is necessary no doubt, the kid need to be told the pro & cons, but can you really expect the kid not to lured to these oh-so-cool stuff.

    Bikramjit: With PC's/laptops, parental control, but what about cell phones, most kids are online via phone.
    I wish Mark Zuckerberg, millionarie by chance comes up with cosed for parental control.

  10. Jack: Thank you very much =)
    Was busy with exams...i'll read all the pending posts now =)

    Rachit: Tech savy is good..but i would love to see them preaching me about new video games & telling me how awesome Ben 10 is than knowing new apps on FB. =|

  11. Totally agree :))

    BTW, nice blog.. Hope to read more interesting posts soon :)



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