Sunday, April 17, 2011

Namma Bengaluru =D

So,i was in Bangalore,only for 3 days though, but i was in BANGALORE, finally :D

But i swear to God,the journey was pathetic,it is so so far...and i got so bored in train =/
Not that i haven't travel beyond that..i have been to Kerala, Kanyakumari and all too..but this one seemed endless =/

Unlike what AV and other friends of mine say...i somehow liked Bangalore, i couldn't find much of a difference between Delhi & Bangalore.Same traffic issues, malls all around,metro construction in progress (they call it namma metro, which i somehow find very funny :P); only difference was no Hindi posters :P

The most funniest thing i read was Kempegowda, he was the founder of Bangalore, i guess, the Majestic bus stand, opposite to railway station is named after him.You might not find it funny..but i kept laughing till i reached home :P

And i found autowalas there better than Delhi autowala' least i didn't have to fight with them for fare & ask them to charge according to meter =|

I had thought,i would take many pictures and all...but i just didn't find time..i was too busy.But, i am expecting to spend more time there so...i didn't care much ;-)

Bangalore would be a new chapter in my life,an opportunity to restart everything =)

Going there is a huge decision though, too much on stake, but details about that its all happy happy =)

And with this i now add a new label to the blog, TRAVEL :D
Yeah i could have added it before..and write about Delhi, but then, i wanted to be sure, i can write something in it =)
I have this very long list of the places that am planning to explore till the time i am in Bangalore.
If you guys know any awesome place in Bangalore and around..any nice place for that matter..let me know =)

These are the only two pics i could manage to take, that too while i was returning... =/
It was raining..but i don't think you guys can notice it. =|

And this was the only bit of me i could capture =P

p.s: I am really sorry..i am not being able to even read any of your blogs..too busy..and then i have exams.. =/
So more of torture travel. But i would be back, i promise =)

Take Care =)


  1. Majestic...yeah the so called bus stop... :)
    nice place nice post...

  2. Yayyyy...Bangalore :) :) I MISSED your posts girl!!!!! :D Good luck for your Exams!!! :D :D

  3. I am in can ask help if you need :D :D

  4. Hey MSM, how are you..?
    That is awesome, tell me some place for good north Indian food :P

  5. Punjabi Dhaba, Mast Kalandar, Booby Da Dhaba etc. :D :D



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