Friday, June 3, 2011

Few intelligent people, please...!!

How tough can it be to find a person who can keep up a conversation...a conversation that is worth being called a conversation...?!?

Few days back..i was sitting in a coffee house...and man was i bored...!!
I wasn't exactly...i was watching DADA play...but people around me and with me...i was bored listening to there useless talks.

I am not all against talking nonsense...but once is a blue moon...talking sense is good for health and our unused brain.
I am not bragging as being oh-so-intelligent...but duh...but i just happen to have a life beyond boyfriend and Zara catalog.

Talk all the nonsense in the world..but keep yourself updated, at least this is the way i think.
You cannot know everything, but it just makes more sense when you know a little bit of it.

And how much effort does it take to know that ANDROID is a OS and not a new mobile company...!?!
I was devastated when i heard somebody asking.."Android..another brand of cell phones."
Even i am no Software engineer to know the codes, but damn it..i don't go around asking does APPLE STORE sell fresh vegetables...!!!
Okay this was some exaggeration, but you get my point, right.

p.s: This post was supposed to be published during IPL season, the day Saurav Ganguly played for Pune Warriors, but my laziness & exams postponed it. =/

p.p.s: I am now beginning to read all the posts that i haven't read =)


  1. you know once a fren of mine asked me is CHROME a new social networking website or what, she is a doc else i could have killed her.. :P :P

  2. Hahahahaha....!!
    Thank god people around are aware about google+ =P

  3. @Bhargavi: Wow! I have truly missed your posts! :D :D



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