Sunday, July 17, 2011

And this is how the post grad begun..!!

......and am back again, thank god not my second life..!!
Pathetic joke..!! =/

I am in Bangalore, and don't have a you all can guess my lack of connectivity.Besides, uni is hectic too. =/

15th was first month in university...yay..!!
Schedule is hectic,CIA's..its tough..but somehow its still fun.
Don't ask me to explain somehow. =P

I miss home though...way too much.

Any ways...postgrad journey so far..ummm....okay.
Didn't have much time to see around in the city except for FORUM, which is like second home.So, all my travel list are buried, at least for now.Most of the time is spend in uni, doing assignments, recording shows.

Anywho...our first group project was trans talkies, our film club. Inauguration was by seniors, saw DWEEPA (Kannada movie; awesome.My group was the first from first year to screen a movie, and we begun with WALL.E.

Seen the movie..?
I found it super cute.
Wall.E.....Eva =P

I'll see if i can access blogger in uni, if i can..expect a lot of me.

Take Care =)


  1. hey, found you.. so where have you been from many days? And so you in Bangalore.. sounds good:) Enjoy :)

    Weakest LINK

  2. You are in Christ?!!!!! Meet me, NOW! :D :D

  3. Rachit: no laptop, so not net connect and blogger is blocked in uni =/
    Hope you are doing good =)

    MSM: Yuss Christ it is..!! You in School of Law eh..which year..?
    Lets meet :D

  4. Heyyyy, I am 5th Year Law... :D add me on gmail id. :D :D I want to meet you!!! :D :D



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