Sunday, January 29, 2012

A lot like love :)

" why do you hang out with me..?!", he asked. She gave a simple reply,"coz you are fun to be with, nice to talk to and we share hatred for the same person". "Fair enough", he said. They drove around the city for some more time and then like a perfect gentleman he dropped her back home.
This was one of their first few meeting.

Not exactly though, they met at a place from where generally all love stories But their story was not as simple, their meeting was not so conventional. Calling it a story is not appropriate too, well story is still fine, certainly not a love story, and if so, certainly not the one with end title saying "...and they lived happily ever after".

A lot can happen over coffee, no other line fits better here. They met often for coffee, most of the time in college, one or twice outside. They got along well, had crazy stories to tell. They chatted as if they had known each other for years, they shared stories and told about their life without any hidden inhibitions.

"You know whats common between us, why we get along...because we love to talk", he told her while they were buying books for his nephew.Strange it may sound to you, which guy would love to listen to a girl and which girl would let a guy talk. But they were different, i guess.

You must be wondering if everything is so perfect, why doesn't it have a happy ending, why is it unconventional. I will come to that later.They are yet not in love, they are just like each other, attracted to each other, well, you can say. But wait, right now, its just him. Yes, you can call the girl naive, she was a little. I told you the story was unconventional, you will find out her reason for being naive/ignorant/reluctant. Too much of "coming up next" and advertisements is it...well let me divulge a bit. They both were already in love, but not with each other. They were both in a relationship, serious, committed relationship.

I know, you must be thinking, such horrible people, if they actually loved their partners, how could they even be remotely attracted to each other. Don't come to conclusions. I know exactly what you are thinking, infidelity is the word for them. No, don't conclude. There is a lot more for you to listen to come to such a conclusion. They loved their partners, they did, but yes, they did care about each other a lot too.

And i stress on care, fellas.

Life doesn't exactly unfolds as we plan, there is a super power controlling us. And also acts the evergreen Murphy's Law,"If something has to go worng,IT WILL GO WRONG".

Peaceful summer holiday in the country side for them....may be...MAY BE NOT..!!
It was a beginning of something beautiful, relationship for that would last a life time...or just a fling.


  1. hmm yeah so true .. love is different then Care and as you said I dont think it was infidelity it was care for each other .. you dont know who you might find who will care.


  2. Rachit : Thank You :)
    Bikramjit: True :)
    There is alot left to be told in the story :)

  3. Will der be a sequel for dis????

  4. I hope there will, jpblogger. What a very good idea for a novel, Bhargavi.

  5. KayEm,jpblogger: There are sequels to it :)
    Keep reading :)

  6. this sounds interesting..pretty much actually!
    came here via blogadda, congrats for the pick..deserving indeed :)
    following u for more :D




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