Friday, December 9, 2011

And thus i am back :D

Well hello there :)
You don't recognize don't remember me :'( Sniff Well not your fault too, i vanished..!!
And well, that wasn't my fault either..Uni is hectic..and by hectic i mean, really..REALLY hectic. Lot of things to tell you all about, many drafts to publish :P With this is end the COME BACK post, with a promise that you'll read a lot of me. I am sure, in your head, you are going *as if we care*, but thou shall be bugged :P

Why Rajnikanth picture for this post, well 'coz i am South India :P And he is the only one, who doesn't make a come back, he starts a new era :D :D


  1. I liked that about Rajnikanth so true and so my friend here's wishing you all the best to a new era that you are starting

    and good ot see you back.. I remmeber you .. the question is DO YOU :)


  2. Thank You Bikramjit =)
    It's good to be back =)
    And yes, i do remember you =)

  3. Ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!! Yayyyy Yayyyyy Yayyyyy you are BACK!!!! :D :D I remember you most certainly lady!! :D :D Mwaah Mwaah! :D



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