Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Having a boyfriend is overrated, people...!!

The first question that people ask you when you start becoming friends,"Do you have a boyfriend...?" If your answer is yes..a string of questions about his whereabouts and if you say no, again a string of question about your...errm...choices, to put it subtly..!! Say yes or no, questions wont stop. One of the drawbacks of saying yes, your insect bites become love bites, you don't go to college, you are with your boyfriend (read sleeping around), not well equals pregnant.Last one was an exaggeration , but it happens and many would agree. If yours is a long distance relationship, people would be all sympathetic towards you with all the awwwwws and other weird sound, god knows for what joy, because i seriously don't get it, its her boyfriend, not oxygen or food...she can manage. And if your luck is too bad, and you and your guy are in the same college, god save you. All people would talk about is both of you..even if you give each other space, they won't let you.Every time you are texting, they'll assume you are texting him. I never understand, why, for Christ sake why, having a boyfriend, being in love is a such a big reason for discussion. Two people are in love, "they", i emphasize, "they" love each other...how does it interest the whole god damned world. I know this post sounds super frustrated. No, am not frustrated..or may be i am, a li'l bit. I have seen people around me going all gung ho about their guys, yes we get it, you guys are madly in love, but i don't see the point it making it a topic of national concern. Exaggeration of somebody's so called eternal love story is mostly because of themselves, but others "special interest" in it cannot be nullified. People, having a guy in life is overrated, trust me, experience talking here..!! Yes, being in love is a great feeling, but life is not a movie and normal people don't have such hormonal imbalance.
Why this pic, well apparently it looks romantic. I am just reminded of Central Park, New Delhi ;-)


  1. good to see you back... and yeah the relationships are given undue importance in day today talks :D

    Weakest LINK

  2. Its not just about boyfriends. You talk long time to a guy friend and he soon becomes your boy friend (according to them).

  3. LOVE is a exaggerated word and what you say is true with any relation .. boyfriend - girlfriend Same thing..

    Take care


  4. Rachit: Glad to see you around too :D

    Pria: Welcome :)
    well, that also is true :)

    Bikramjit: :)



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