Friday, September 21, 2012

Karmic Connections :)

My last post which you read here talked about voyeurism, as in not in particular the term, but just how we are around.
And my photographer friend, Sharan Ranjit, happened to take the pic shown below.
And i somehow found it very much connected.

It was up for grabs for cover pic, i knew it would suit my blog better.
And i wanted to give the blog an artsy feel too :P
Also, this goes well with both the color theme and content of the blog.
It's the best the blog has looked so far.

I am not very well versed with the technicalities of photography, but as a layman perspective, this boy gives inanimate objects life. He is so far one of the best B/W photographer i have met, rather the best photographer i have met. Photographs take you down the memory lane, and the day i would want to revisit college days, i would know whom to stalk.
And he knows the art of beautifying us, all of us. Our profile pictures on facebook are its proof. :D

You sure are the photographer for my wedding, my boy. I am booking you from now itself. :D

Also, he is one the most adorable tall boys i have met :D

You will make it big, very soon :)

Check out his photography page Sharan Ranjit Photography to see more of his works.
For the niti-gritties of photography, his blog Autumn Leaves.

p.s: the blog look pretty, doesn't it :)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I'll be watching you...

"Every breath you take
  Every move you make
  Every bond you break
  Every step you take
  I'll be watching you...." ~ Strings

Mushy much ?!?

I say creepy much,imagine being monitored
Yes, people these days are being paid filthy lot for it and are even called celebrities...voyeuristic pleasure sells but even then...imagine an eye following you everywhere...
And  trust me when i say this, it's really creepy and do i know...well, we have got a camera in our classroom.. =|

And at times that eye isn't the's just some eyes ogling and judging every move, thought, expression of yours...
Each time i think of all this i am reminded of Harper Lee's statement,"People are people where ever you put them". No other quote has ever made sense to me more than this one and this one line holds me from judging others, because for them i am people.
All of us think we know the best, and for ourselves probably we do, but judging other's action is one of the most unjustified things ever.
Nobody's pain is lesser than the other and nobody's misery graver...we all have our issues, our own worries and as much as i have experienced, there is already too much served in our plate, so why peep into others!

Well, too much philosophy and that too in a straight face manner isn't my style, but sudden change of events has made me realize the real meanings of the simple things we learn in life.

Robert Frost has been quoted saying, "If there is one thing that i have learnt in life goes on."
I couldn't have agreed more.

"Hasso, gao, muskurao, kya pata....Kal ho Na ho" ~Kal Ho Na Ho

Come back posts should be short, sweet and happy...and for that i leave you with a melodious mash up sung by my classmates at the Valedictory Ceremony of Media Meet 2012 :)
I hope you all like it :)
Listen to it here :)

Take Care

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Dobby invites you to Media Meet :)

Dobby believes in Raj Kapoor's word, "the show must go on"

Life is a stage and we are merely players.

Dobby is back to uni and is gearing up for the department's National Level Seminar Media Meet 2012- Lets Network.

This year's theme: New Media. A revolutionary medium which made me meet you, yep, you there, who so ever is reading it, a medium which made everything a click away.

Here is an opportunity for all you geeks and goddess to leap out of that LED screen and meet people of the other side of the screen and the ones who create it for you. We have events like Researched, Talk-e, Profile Me, Tech-a-mukka and lots of workshops lined up for you.

Event will happen on 24-25th of August at Main Auditorium, Christ University, Bangalore.

For more info, visit our facebook page here and register yourself here.

Here are the behind the scenes of how we plan to present it to you :)

                O yeah, even Bruce Lee Mani signed for us :D

 The face of Media Meet 2012, AR, who is the brain behind the awesome poster you saw first :D

                                             It will blow your mind away, we promise :D

See you on 24-25th then :D

Thursday, August 9, 2012

In the loving memory of my father


I did set out to write to eulogy, but words fail me.

It has been 19 days that i haven't heard from you and i can't express how terribly i miss you.
The fact that i will never hear from you is still to set in because every time my phone rings and flashes daddy, my heart aches to hear your voice on the other side. I did the last rites, but still i want this to be a bad dream, just a bad bad dream.

You were and you are the bestest person i have and will ever meet and  i am saying it not just because i am your daughter.

Suddenly everything is in past tense which hurts, more than i can tell. You are my dad and will always be and i will never let it go in past tense.

You always wanted me and Maa to be happy and fine, if i say we are not..will you come back?
I am sorry for all the mistakes i have done.I never realized them and when i did, i guess it was too late. I just want you to know i love you the mostest and will always do. I will write to you soon, i promise and i know like always you will be the first person to read it.


Friday, June 8, 2012

Dobby is back =|

Dobby, all happy, boards the train to go home for a good long 2 month vacation and then Dobby, all sad this time, boards the train again to come back to uni =|

Where did the two month go, Dobby still wonders.
Well, there was internship which kept her busy and then...there was...umm...that thing...umm...the thing that you know....what we do...
Dobby can't recall.
Dobby is confused.
Dobby asks why all good things come to an end, that too so soon.

*deep sigh*

Dobby will tell you internship stories and what happened to our not-in-love love birds ( forgotten about them, you read about them here and here )

(in case, you are wondering who Dobby is, its a character in Harry Potter and metaphor for me :P)

*thinks to herself, if only i could vanish like Dobby*

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

New Look :D

*drum rolls*
Unveiling to you the new look of Ink Imprints *tada*

Credits: Neeraj Ninan, Gundi, as i fondly call him. Amazing photographer. You can see his water mark in the picture, pixelvives, neeraj ninan impressions :)
I will introduce him to you soon :)
The structure of the blog is by Gargi, who i think is hibernating :P
I Love you babe :*
I needed help to structure it, i am little technically challenged you see. :P

Like it,hate it?

the old is the new concealed the new is the old revealed.

(i don't know from which chapter of bible it is taken, but this one thing is said by the one whom i look upto, i respect alot, the one who revealed me to my father's word)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Fear of others will prove to be a snare, but whoever trusts in the Lord is kept safe. 
(Proverbs 29:25)


At some point or the other everybody has feared something. No matter how fearless they say they are, at one point, everybody has said,"am scared".

Each one has their own definition of fear. Some are scared of darkness, some of water,of height, of electricity. Some are scared of loneliness, some of crowd, many of the unknown.

Fear, something that holds you back from taking a step further.

Fear seeps in when faith grows weak. It's again a fight between good and evil. It is when evil takes over good, you fear.

Fear, for me, is losing someone who cannot be replaced. To lose somebody who loves me more than i love him, who seeks nothing in return.
Fear, for me, is when i stand helpless. When i see things slipping out of my hand and i can do nothing to stop it, i just stand there,looking through the glasses, feeling the chills crawl through me and sweat drop down.

Fear, for me, is getting up one day and not able to face myself.
Fear, for me, is losing faith.

Faith wins over fear. It is the only weapon that can take over fear. 
Faith is what lets us face the unknown, to get up everyday, walk out into the world with confidence.
Faith is what makes us believe in the the plans we make.
Faith is what keeps us going.
Faith is something that makes us.


He replied, "Because you have so little faith. I tell you the truth, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there' and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you. "
(Matthew 17:20)

Monday, May 14, 2012

Fair and Lovely....really?

Seen this commercial?
Am sure many of you would have seen it, had a good laugh, frowned or got grossed out.

Well, i was grossed out.

Being hygienic is one thing and being obsessed with "white" is another.
And comparison with coffee, i mean, who does that man, it's against mankind.

I really don't understand the whole obsession with becoming fair (read white). Everything HAS to make you fair, creams, talcum powders, deodorants, body lotions...soon they'll advertise biscuits and cereals with tag line going, it makes you fair. =|

So much of fair is unfair. How can you say fair is beautiful, who declared that, i say fair is ugly (refer to Robert Pattinson). We have enough ways of discriminating people. And it's not like it is anybody's personal choice, its the same as somebody's sex, its not like they have chosen it, nobody controls the melanin content of their body. (Amount of melanin in your body decides your color, which is again a gene game).

And like this whole cover-your-face-with-flour-to-look-fair wasn't enough, they launch this new "private part" cleaner with the most inappropriate ad (can't say ever, 'coz i really don't understand Hritik Roshan dancing to sell Hide n Seek). Girls do enough and spend enough on cosmetics and parlors to get the perfect look, this wasn't exactly the need of the hour. TV serials are anyways doing there bit in contributing to the color bias prevalent in the society ( refer Bidaai...sapna babul ka, i think that was the name of the serial), we do not need such products in the market.

People have to stop obsessing with color, it hardly matters. A girl need not look spotless white to be called beautiful,beauty is what she is inside, her thoughts, the way she holds herself that makes her pretty. White skin-u girl girl, girl heart-u black, even Dhanush said it (for those who don't know what am talking about, which world do you live in; those lines are from the song Kolaveri Di, sung by Dhanush).

For that ad, am sure the "white-ness" of *coughs* wouldn't have stopped any couple from love making, it would bother them now,not a major percentage though (am hoping). Color between emotions is not good, color in emotions is.

And not just love making, but drinking coffee too would be affected. =|

And for a guy, well there is a reason girls go gaga over the mills and boon cliche', tall & dark makes a guy handsome.

Even Micheal Jackson said i, "It don't matter, if you are black or white"

And even Lady Gaga, "you are beautiful in your way, 'coz GOD makes no mistakes, am on the right track baby, i am born this way"

(chose your star, there is one for every generation :-P)

Appealing, not so much to me, i would say bad lighting, pic is overexposed ;-)

It's anniversary time folks :)

Can't believe its already a year, it feels like yesterday...!!

That fresh feeling, those jitters, that happy feeling, that feeling of newness, that excitement mixed with that li'l bit of hitch, that shyness.

Can't believe its almost a year of post grad, it almost of year of me and Bangalore :)

Two rounds of exams, result jitters, CIA's, projects, crazy continuous presentations, last minute project rejections, unfruitful brainstorming's, research proposal,then some more rejections,walking out of group meetings saying "it's pissing off guys", cribbing, crying, whining, work-less and work-loaded internships , laughter, crazy random dancing, rowdy random singing, all done.
Almost everything in the "we are having a great time" list is checked!!

And still we complain, oh hell yes we do, you should hear us is entertaining. It is one of those things which can be promoted by the hoarding saying, "In 48 flavors" :P

No matter how we complain, when we come back home for vacations (like we are now) and sit doing nothing (which NEVER happens) or tell friends/family college stories, we have a huge smile on our face, that says it all :)

I think cribbing about how bad college is, is one of the things that puts us in the cool category, you just have to crib about college. One month of internship taught us,at least me, no matter how much hectic college schedule is, it is any day better than working. It is something like, you can hate, you can crib...but you can't escape the memories.....okay that was a very very bad version of that song (Enrique, not like i care, but forgive me =|)

And this is us, Batch of 2011-2013

This to one year that went past, and to the one that is still to come :)

Lets March On together :P

p.s: I know my friends from Uni who will read this will pull my leg, but i miss you guys, there i said it.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Face readings, or something similar =|

Random Aunty: Puttar ji, tussi punjabi ho?
Me: Ni aunti ji
Random Aunty: Lagte to ho


Random Aunty: Beta ji, kurti badi pyaari paayi si.
Me: Thank you aunty ji
Random Aunty: Beta ji, punjabi ho tussi?
Me: Ni aunty ji


Classmates: Hey, you are a Punjabi?
Me: No


Random Guy: Tussi punjabi ho?
Me: Nahi
Random Guy: Par lagte to ho.


Excerpts from my vivid experiences.
I am from Delhi, i just look/sound like a Punjabi.
And that is something, that comes naturally.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Lights, Camera, Action..!!

Heylo peepul,

Yeah, i know i vanished again and that too when i was telling you all a story!!
Am sorry, i was caught up with work.

Now you'll say, tell us something new,i know, i know am sorry, i really am.
But i was busy making a movie.

Yep, you read it right.
I did tell you guys that i am doing my masters in media studies, so as a part of our digital video production assignment, we were supposed to make a movie.
And trust me, movie making is no easy job. It takes a lot of hard work to make a bad movie too.

The whole experience was overwhelming.With limited resources, limited time coming up with a movie was one hell of a job, but yeah we did fine, or so we hope we did.
From shooting, re-shooting, editing, acting....
Anywho, now its done and so is the exam..i hope we pass :P

Am sharing the link with you guys too, let me know how you guys find it...

Here are a few behind the scenes pictures, am working on the bloopers,will show you guys soon :)

The dedicated cinematographer :P

Suicide tutorials =D

The Hero, i told you we had limited resources, we were multi tasking =D

Rest all, with the bloopers :)

Take Care :)

Friday, February 17, 2012

Of advertisements and more..!!

The best feeling in the world is when you work so hard on something and people appreciate your work, not matter how big or small it is.
Me and my group, rather the class had an advertising assignment to do.
Oh BTW, am doing my master's in media studies, so yeah, no jazzy fancy stuff,no budding ad filmmaker.
Well that's not a bad idea though,but yeah...
So, in this assignment all the groups were supposed to make ads on the products they got, we got automobile.
After crazy, mostly unfruitful brainstorming, fights, misunderstandings, we finally came up with it :D

Not just my class, but my teacher liked it too :)

So, just thought, I'll brag a li'l here too, and show it to you guys too :D
It was so funny to see myself on the screen :P acting too :P

Here is the link to the TVC:

And here is the print ad:

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Tales from a German Bakery :)

Remember, i was telling you a not-so-love, love story.

So, after the first few meetings, begun the frequent ones. Well, in one sense, they met everyday, remember they met in college.

Numbers exchanged, crazy text-ing, late night talks, all of them begun. I know, you must be thinking, full-fledged romance now. No, not yet.

They did text, but just important stuff, which also included how bored she was and his reply being "this too shall pass" , which surprisingly made her smile.

His first phone call to her, not the first, but, the first one that wasn't work related, was at 12:45 in the night, just to ask how she was. Cute, right..?!?

His first message to her,"where are you", 'coz when he had called before, she was out to drop a friend of hers to the station. It was late, raining and she was new to city. He wanted to know, if she was fine. Or so she believes was the reason. Insane, right..?!?

I know, you must be thinking, such a complicated state. It indeed was complicated, and this was just the beginning of the complication.

They met over coffee, lassi , work, it was as if they searched for reasons to be with each other.

Then came their first official date, or so you can say. He like a perfect gentleman came to pick her up and she wasn't so ladylike dressed. But, he still complimented her. She felt shy, she had never been treated that way. She didn't know how to react. They drove around, they were late for the movie, so he asked her, what do you like, where do you want to go. And she gave a blank, dazed, shy look. He understood, she won't say anything. He asked, you like dancing, she nodded yes. And thus, it was their first dance. They walked into the party, with his arms around her waist. She had never been with anybody like that before. She felt shy, reluctant but good at the same time. She loved the way he treated her. They danced, well at least they tried. She was too shy, he made all his efforts to make her comfortable, she did open up a bit,'l bit of hitch did remain. I pity him at times, poor soul had to dance on the song he hated, still hates, Chammak Challo, to impress her. Things people do,right..?!?

He took her for dinner to this super fancy place, which again she wasn't used too. But, she had to act civilized, even she was trying to impress him, more than that she was trying not to make a fool of herself. But, the goof she was, couldn't avoid it. It cracked him up bad, she was supposed to be embarrassed, but instead smiled, looking at him laugh. "He has the most adorable smile", she thought to herself. After the dinner, he dropped her home. She thanked him for the night and so did he. Nope, no good night hugs and kisses, they still weren't in love.

When something is new in life, everything about it is so amusing, isn't it. All you want to do is play with that new toy, explore that new gadget, wear that new dress. Similar is the case with people. Anyone new in life is interesting, it adds a spark to life. Am not saying, like objects we get bored with people too. But, like its said,"Familiarity breeds content", the closer we get to a person, the less interesting it become, everything then becomes obvious.

Similar was the case with our not-in-love love birds too.

They were new in each other's life and probably had never met anybody of each other's kind.It was amusing. They loved spending time together, and for that they devised new and weird ways, which made no sense to them. But they didn't want to make sense, they just wanted to be together, in whatever little time they got. They just wanted that moment, which made them happy.

There most common adda for "dates" was his car and random aimless driving. Romantic, isn't it...?!?

Don't judge him, it wasn't his fault. He was a perfect gentleman.They couldn't be seen in public together and he would never put her in trouble. People in the city knew him. No, no, he wasn't a star. I guess, for her, he was. They would wander around in the city for sometime, and then he would somehow find a place. Find a place, i know what thoughts are coming to your mind, no they weren't secluded ones. I told you guys, he cared about her, he wouldn't do anything that would hurt/harm her.

One of their "dates", was at a German bakery. What took them there...? Their love for food, his sweet tooth and her pasta cravings. Well, gluttony was one more thing they had in common, apart from talking. The ambiance was calm, it was amidst the city, yet was quiet and there they were, together.

They were sitting there, talking about themselves, life, about relationships, their relationships...yeah, sadly enough. At the back of their minds, both of them had a question, what exactly are we, what would our partners think of this...?! This question wasn't so obvious for her as was for him. I told you, she was naive. She felt, but couldn't comprehend.

During all the thinking, expecting and talking, he told her,"I can't deny that i like you, i like you, i am attracted towards you". She was taken aback, yep, she indeed was naive. But made sure,she didn't make it obvious. He kept talking, telling he knew it isn't right, he knew they aren't meant to be, that they shouldn't do this. And suddenly, everything made sense to her, she could comprehend all the feelings.

Things changed all of a sudden, but still she felt right. For him, well, i think he was torn. Not that he loved his partner any less, but he cared for her too. Love, well, love doesn't happen overnight and both of them didn't believe in love at first sight. And neither do i.

"First six months of any relationship, you just lick the honey coating off each other.", he would always tell her.
What do you think, is there something building up for a lifetime or at the end someone will just end up with nothing.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Lights, Camera, Chennai =D

So this was another Class trip and this time out of state =D
(yeah, yeah, i know, am trying to make it sound very fancy, smancy =P)

We went to Chennai, educational/institutional trip yes it was, but it was a TRIP, and that is what mattered.Break from hectic schedule, classroom, assignments =D

Though, we all were tired, exhausted and what not, and least interested in going to Chennai, because we just finished our mid sems that were back to back and puppetry work shop (#thingswelearn). But, we had to go, it was an educational, industrial trip after all.

So, the journey begins.
9:30 PM, Yashvantpur Junction. And i see the train that can take me back home. *sigh* Can't explain how tempted i was to sneak into that train. It was the train that took me home last time too...though it was 24 hours late. Yep, you read it right, 24 whole HOURS LATE. More on that later.

Do you really want that deep details, am sure not.

Lets fast forward.

So, we reach Chennai at 5 in the morning and am Hungry, yeah, i know, even i doubt myself at times.. =|
And then we head towards, AVM studios, heard of it, am's pretty famous. And there we get to "stay" in the dressing room of the who's who (am pretty sure some famous star must have sat on that sofa, that make up chair, that bed and peed in that loo).

Then was the queue to freshen up, i preferred sleeping. But, when nature calls, you have to attend and more so, if you don't attend, nothing will go down the throat. =|
Breakfast, proper Tamil style. You must try Pongal, its yum, its some what like khichdi. =)

Then begun the Tour De' Studio. From one set to another, editing room to screening, we walked in the scorching sun of Chennai. I had fallen ill in before the start of the trip itself, so you can surely imagine, how much i enjoyed the trip. My body, mind and soul preferred classes. My heart ached to go back to Bangalore. That's when i fell in love with the city, Bangalore makes me happy.

Well, somehow the tour ended and we got lunch (where i stole papad from people's plate). This marked the end of trip too, industrial exposure part of the trip done. Now was Chennai Darshan.

It begun with visit to Santhome Church, Marina beach and then Bessie Beach (also known as Besant Nagar beach).

The best part of the whole trip: the beaches. Water gives me calmness, it gives me the stillness the quietens the confusion of my soul, teaches me to live not to survive.

The waves, the wind, the walk in the sand, the setting sun – it all gives you a feeling of stillness in the vast world. Though you can’t see the end, but it gives you the courage to look beyond, see the possibilities that lay in front of you. All it asks from you is to take a step forward.

As Vincent Van Gough quotes, “The fishermen know that the sea is dangerous and the storm terrible, but they have never found these dangers sufficient reason for remaining ashore”

The beaches in Chennai were the escape routes for all of us. And what else can rejuvenate the body and the soul better than the calmness and stillness of the sea.

After their visit to Santhome Church, we explored the nearby Marina Beach. Calm, clean, secluded, Marina beach gave the students a moment of peace and stillness. They sat with their best buds on the sea shore, looking at the never ending sea and its serenity.

Next stop: Besant Nagar Beach. The ambience was what beaches are typically defined as- fun, frolic, families, lovers, friends, food. For them, it was a break from monotony, a break from their daily schedules; it was a sense of freedom. We let ourselves go for a day, enjoyed as little kids would. Onlookers could have assumed us to be “over grown kids” or somebody just set loose in a civilisation. But we weren’t bothered. From posing for random pictures, jumping with the waves, eating cotton candy, drawing faces in the sand, we did it all.

This trip rekindled the child in us, not that it wasn’t there, it just needed bit of pampering to come out in open.

(p.s: the last few paragraphs, copy paste of the article i wrote for my Department newsletter =P)

Here are few of the pictures of the trip :

Santhome Church. (Photographer: Sharan Ranjit, my cuddly-fluff head friend)

Marina Beach and Me =)

On the Sets of Central Jail, AVM Studios.

Me and Anima (famously known as NEMO) and our POSE *sigh*

Sunday, January 29, 2012

A lot like love :)

" why do you hang out with me..?!", he asked. She gave a simple reply,"coz you are fun to be with, nice to talk to and we share hatred for the same person". "Fair enough", he said. They drove around the city for some more time and then like a perfect gentleman he dropped her back home.
This was one of their first few meeting.

Not exactly though, they met at a place from where generally all love stories But their story was not as simple, their meeting was not so conventional. Calling it a story is not appropriate too, well story is still fine, certainly not a love story, and if so, certainly not the one with end title saying "...and they lived happily ever after".

A lot can happen over coffee, no other line fits better here. They met often for coffee, most of the time in college, one or twice outside. They got along well, had crazy stories to tell. They chatted as if they had known each other for years, they shared stories and told about their life without any hidden inhibitions.

"You know whats common between us, why we get along...because we love to talk", he told her while they were buying books for his nephew.Strange it may sound to you, which guy would love to listen to a girl and which girl would let a guy talk. But they were different, i guess.

You must be wondering if everything is so perfect, why doesn't it have a happy ending, why is it unconventional. I will come to that later.They are yet not in love, they are just like each other, attracted to each other, well, you can say. But wait, right now, its just him. Yes, you can call the girl naive, she was a little. I told you the story was unconventional, you will find out her reason for being naive/ignorant/reluctant. Too much of "coming up next" and advertisements is it...well let me divulge a bit. They both were already in love, but not with each other. They were both in a relationship, serious, committed relationship.

I know, you must be thinking, such horrible people, if they actually loved their partners, how could they even be remotely attracted to each other. Don't come to conclusions. I know exactly what you are thinking, infidelity is the word for them. No, don't conclude. There is a lot more for you to listen to come to such a conclusion. They loved their partners, they did, but yes, they did care about each other a lot too.

And i stress on care, fellas.

Life doesn't exactly unfolds as we plan, there is a super power controlling us. And also acts the evergreen Murphy's Law,"If something has to go worng,IT WILL GO WRONG".

Peaceful summer holiday in the country side for them....may be...MAY BE NOT..!!
It was a beginning of something beautiful, relationship for that would last a life time...or just a fling.


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