Sunday, February 5, 2012

Lights, Camera, Chennai =D

So this was another Class trip and this time out of state =D
(yeah, yeah, i know, am trying to make it sound very fancy, smancy =P)

We went to Chennai, educational/institutional trip yes it was, but it was a TRIP, and that is what mattered.Break from hectic schedule, classroom, assignments =D

Though, we all were tired, exhausted and what not, and least interested in going to Chennai, because we just finished our mid sems that were back to back and puppetry work shop (#thingswelearn). But, we had to go, it was an educational, industrial trip after all.

So, the journey begins.
9:30 PM, Yashvantpur Junction. And i see the train that can take me back home. *sigh* Can't explain how tempted i was to sneak into that train. It was the train that took me home last time too...though it was 24 hours late. Yep, you read it right, 24 whole HOURS LATE. More on that later.

Do you really want that deep details, am sure not.

Lets fast forward.

So, we reach Chennai at 5 in the morning and am Hungry, yeah, i know, even i doubt myself at times.. =|
And then we head towards, AVM studios, heard of it, am's pretty famous. And there we get to "stay" in the dressing room of the who's who (am pretty sure some famous star must have sat on that sofa, that make up chair, that bed and peed in that loo).

Then was the queue to freshen up, i preferred sleeping. But, when nature calls, you have to attend and more so, if you don't attend, nothing will go down the throat. =|
Breakfast, proper Tamil style. You must try Pongal, its yum, its some what like khichdi. =)

Then begun the Tour De' Studio. From one set to another, editing room to screening, we walked in the scorching sun of Chennai. I had fallen ill in before the start of the trip itself, so you can surely imagine, how much i enjoyed the trip. My body, mind and soul preferred classes. My heart ached to go back to Bangalore. That's when i fell in love with the city, Bangalore makes me happy.

Well, somehow the tour ended and we got lunch (where i stole papad from people's plate). This marked the end of trip too, industrial exposure part of the trip done. Now was Chennai Darshan.

It begun with visit to Santhome Church, Marina beach and then Bessie Beach (also known as Besant Nagar beach).

The best part of the whole trip: the beaches. Water gives me calmness, it gives me the stillness the quietens the confusion of my soul, teaches me to live not to survive.

The waves, the wind, the walk in the sand, the setting sun – it all gives you a feeling of stillness in the vast world. Though you can’t see the end, but it gives you the courage to look beyond, see the possibilities that lay in front of you. All it asks from you is to take a step forward.

As Vincent Van Gough quotes, “The fishermen know that the sea is dangerous and the storm terrible, but they have never found these dangers sufficient reason for remaining ashore”

The beaches in Chennai were the escape routes for all of us. And what else can rejuvenate the body and the soul better than the calmness and stillness of the sea.

After their visit to Santhome Church, we explored the nearby Marina Beach. Calm, clean, secluded, Marina beach gave the students a moment of peace and stillness. They sat with their best buds on the sea shore, looking at the never ending sea and its serenity.

Next stop: Besant Nagar Beach. The ambience was what beaches are typically defined as- fun, frolic, families, lovers, friends, food. For them, it was a break from monotony, a break from their daily schedules; it was a sense of freedom. We let ourselves go for a day, enjoyed as little kids would. Onlookers could have assumed us to be “over grown kids” or somebody just set loose in a civilisation. But we weren’t bothered. From posing for random pictures, jumping with the waves, eating cotton candy, drawing faces in the sand, we did it all.

This trip rekindled the child in us, not that it wasn’t there, it just needed bit of pampering to come out in open.

(p.s: the last few paragraphs, copy paste of the article i wrote for my Department newsletter =P)

Here are few of the pictures of the trip :

Santhome Church. (Photographer: Sharan Ranjit, my cuddly-fluff head friend)

Marina Beach and Me =)

On the Sets of Central Jail, AVM Studios.

Me and Anima (famously known as NEMO) and our POSE *sigh*


  1. beautiful pictures..
    you had a good time then ...


  2. On your blog after a long long time! How have you been??? :D
    Lovely pictures.. am sure you had great fun!
    p.s - not finding you on my blog these days?

    Enter giveaway, win $100

  3. Bikramjit: Thank You, some really good photographer's in my class. =)
    Beach was fun =D

    Chandana: Hey, am good. How have you been..?!
    Blog seem to have come a long way, am so happy for you :)
    Been li'l busy with uni and all, i have seen all your updates though :)
    You will see a lot of me soon =D



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