Friday, February 17, 2012

Of advertisements and more..!!

The best feeling in the world is when you work so hard on something and people appreciate your work, not matter how big or small it is.
Me and my group, rather the class had an advertising assignment to do.
Oh BTW, am doing my master's in media studies, so yeah, no jazzy fancy stuff,no budding ad filmmaker.
Well that's not a bad idea though,but yeah...
So, in this assignment all the groups were supposed to make ads on the products they got, we got automobile.
After crazy, mostly unfruitful brainstorming, fights, misunderstandings, we finally came up with it :D

Not just my class, but my teacher liked it too :)

So, just thought, I'll brag a li'l here too, and show it to you guys too :D
It was so funny to see myself on the screen :P acting too :P

Here is the link to the TVC:

And here is the print ad:


  1. Indeed Life main balance hona chahiye :)

    loved the ad.. nicely done what all the poor bloke has to do to get the girl haaan ..


  2. Bikramjit: Glad you liked it =)
    Well, the poor bloke just needed a auto-balanced bike :P

  3. A very 'balanced' ad, this...good one! :)



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