Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Tales from a German Bakery :)

Remember, i was telling you a not-so-love, love story.

So, after the first few meetings, begun the frequent ones. Well, in one sense, they met everyday, remember they met in college.

Numbers exchanged, crazy text-ing, late night talks, all of them begun. I know, you must be thinking, full-fledged romance now. No, not yet.

They did text, but just important stuff, which also included how bored she was and his reply being "this too shall pass" , which surprisingly made her smile.

His first phone call to her, not the first, but, the first one that wasn't work related, was at 12:45 in the night, just to ask how she was. Cute, right..?!?

His first message to her,"where are you", 'coz when he had called before, she was out to drop a friend of hers to the station. It was late, raining and she was new to city. He wanted to know, if she was fine. Or so she believes was the reason. Insane, right..?!?

I know, you must be thinking, such a complicated state. It indeed was complicated, and this was just the beginning of the complication.

They met over coffee, lassi , work, it was as if they searched for reasons to be with each other.

Then came their first official date, or so you can say. He like a perfect gentleman came to pick her up and she wasn't so ladylike dressed. But, he still complimented her. She felt shy, she had never been treated that way. She didn't know how to react. They drove around, they were late for the movie, so he asked her, what do you like, where do you want to go. And she gave a blank, dazed, shy look. He understood, she won't say anything. He asked, you like dancing, she nodded yes. And thus, it was their first dance. They walked into the party, with his arms around her waist. She had never been with anybody like that before. She felt shy, reluctant but good at the same time. She loved the way he treated her. They danced, well at least they tried. She was too shy, he made all his efforts to make her comfortable, she did open up a bit,'l bit of hitch did remain. I pity him at times, poor soul had to dance on the song he hated, still hates, Chammak Challo, to impress her. Things people do,right..?!?

He took her for dinner to this super fancy place, which again she wasn't used too. But, she had to act civilized, even she was trying to impress him, more than that she was trying not to make a fool of herself. But, the goof she was, couldn't avoid it. It cracked him up bad, she was supposed to be embarrassed, but instead smiled, looking at him laugh. "He has the most adorable smile", she thought to herself. After the dinner, he dropped her home. She thanked him for the night and so did he. Nope, no good night hugs and kisses, they still weren't in love.

When something is new in life, everything about it is so amusing, isn't it. All you want to do is play with that new toy, explore that new gadget, wear that new dress. Similar is the case with people. Anyone new in life is interesting, it adds a spark to life. Am not saying, like objects we get bored with people too. But, like its said,"Familiarity breeds content", the closer we get to a person, the less interesting it become, everything then becomes obvious.

Similar was the case with our not-in-love love birds too.

They were new in each other's life and probably had never met anybody of each other's kind.It was amusing. They loved spending time together, and for that they devised new and weird ways, which made no sense to them. But they didn't want to make sense, they just wanted to be together, in whatever little time they got. They just wanted that moment, which made them happy.

There most common adda for "dates" was his car and random aimless driving. Romantic, isn't it...?!?

Don't judge him, it wasn't his fault. He was a perfect gentleman.They couldn't be seen in public together and he would never put her in trouble. People in the city knew him. No, no, he wasn't a star. I guess, for her, he was. They would wander around in the city for sometime, and then he would somehow find a place. Find a place, i know what thoughts are coming to your mind, no they weren't secluded ones. I told you guys, he cared about her, he wouldn't do anything that would hurt/harm her.

One of their "dates", was at a German bakery. What took them there...? Their love for food, his sweet tooth and her pasta cravings. Well, gluttony was one more thing they had in common, apart from talking. The ambiance was calm, it was amidst the city, yet was quiet and there they were, together.

They were sitting there, talking about themselves, life, about relationships, their relationships...yeah, sadly enough. At the back of their minds, both of them had a question, what exactly are we, what would our partners think of this...?! This question wasn't so obvious for her as was for him. I told you, she was naive. She felt, but couldn't comprehend.

During all the thinking, expecting and talking, he told her,"I can't deny that i like you, i like you, i am attracted towards you". She was taken aback, yep, she indeed was naive. But made sure,she didn't make it obvious. He kept talking, telling he knew it isn't right, he knew they aren't meant to be, that they shouldn't do this. And suddenly, everything made sense to her, she could comprehend all the feelings.

Things changed all of a sudden, but still she felt right. For him, well, i think he was torn. Not that he loved his partner any less, but he cared for her too. Love, well, love doesn't happen overnight and both of them didn't believe in love at first sight. And neither do i.

"First six months of any relationship, you just lick the honey coating off each other.", he would always tell her.
What do you think, is there something building up for a lifetime or at the end someone will just end up with nothing.


  1. hmmm i beleived in love on first sight but sadly that was blown to shreds .. so i dont kno what to say ..
    Love is something that is talked too much about ...

    a lovely story though .. going well


  2. Yep, it indeed is overrated/too much talked about =)
    Thank you..!!
    there is still alot to come =)



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