Monday, May 14, 2012

Fair and Lovely....really?

Seen this commercial?
Am sure many of you would have seen it, had a good laugh, frowned or got grossed out.

Well, i was grossed out.

Being hygienic is one thing and being obsessed with "white" is another.
And comparison with coffee, i mean, who does that man, it's against mankind.

I really don't understand the whole obsession with becoming fair (read white). Everything HAS to make you fair, creams, talcum powders, deodorants, body lotions...soon they'll advertise biscuits and cereals with tag line going, it makes you fair. =|

So much of fair is unfair. How can you say fair is beautiful, who declared that, i say fair is ugly (refer to Robert Pattinson). We have enough ways of discriminating people. And it's not like it is anybody's personal choice, its the same as somebody's sex, its not like they have chosen it, nobody controls the melanin content of their body. (Amount of melanin in your body decides your color, which is again a gene game).

And like this whole cover-your-face-with-flour-to-look-fair wasn't enough, they launch this new "private part" cleaner with the most inappropriate ad (can't say ever, 'coz i really don't understand Hritik Roshan dancing to sell Hide n Seek). Girls do enough and spend enough on cosmetics and parlors to get the perfect look, this wasn't exactly the need of the hour. TV serials are anyways doing there bit in contributing to the color bias prevalent in the society ( refer Bidaai...sapna babul ka, i think that was the name of the serial), we do not need such products in the market.

People have to stop obsessing with color, it hardly matters. A girl need not look spotless white to be called beautiful,beauty is what she is inside, her thoughts, the way she holds herself that makes her pretty. White skin-u girl girl, girl heart-u black, even Dhanush said it (for those who don't know what am talking about, which world do you live in; those lines are from the song Kolaveri Di, sung by Dhanush).

For that ad, am sure the "white-ness" of *coughs* wouldn't have stopped any couple from love making, it would bother them now,not a major percentage though (am hoping). Color between emotions is not good, color in emotions is.

And not just love making, but drinking coffee too would be affected. =|

And for a guy, well there is a reason girls go gaga over the mills and boon cliche', tall & dark makes a guy handsome.

Even Micheal Jackson said i, "It don't matter, if you are black or white"

And even Lady Gaga, "you are beautiful in your way, 'coz GOD makes no mistakes, am on the right track baby, i am born this way"

(chose your star, there is one for every generation :-P)

Appealing, not so much to me, i would say bad lighting, pic is overexposed ;-)


  1. Fair enough. The post, I mean :p

  2. thanks a for writing about this. Exactly on my mind for past few days as I watched TV. Such an obsession! And not just limited to the 'fairer' sex!!

    1. Glad you liked :)
      I know, too much of it :)
      And the transformations that they show is even more pissing off x.x

  3. Coming from US to marrying an Indain man, I was shocked so much with the way Indians discuss skin color, "he/she is so fair!" (said very positive) or "the dark/black one," "they are very black" (said with negative undertones). First, I have never seen a black indian, IDK where they think they are black, they are brown. Go to africa and see what black is. Second, why do that to your own race? A person is never beautiful/ugly according to skin color, there are so many more things that come first. Be proud of your origins, and your individuality! dark or fair, just accept and love humanity!



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