Monday, May 14, 2012

It's anniversary time folks :)

Can't believe its already a year, it feels like yesterday...!!

That fresh feeling, those jitters, that happy feeling, that feeling of newness, that excitement mixed with that li'l bit of hitch, that shyness.

Can't believe its almost a year of post grad, it almost of year of me and Bangalore :)

Two rounds of exams, result jitters, CIA's, projects, crazy continuous presentations, last minute project rejections, unfruitful brainstorming's, research proposal,then some more rejections,walking out of group meetings saying "it's pissing off guys", cribbing, crying, whining, work-less and work-loaded internships , laughter, crazy random dancing, rowdy random singing, all done.
Almost everything in the "we are having a great time" list is checked!!

And still we complain, oh hell yes we do, you should hear us is entertaining. It is one of those things which can be promoted by the hoarding saying, "In 48 flavors" :P

No matter how we complain, when we come back home for vacations (like we are now) and sit doing nothing (which NEVER happens) or tell friends/family college stories, we have a huge smile on our face, that says it all :)

I think cribbing about how bad college is, is one of the things that puts us in the cool category, you just have to crib about college. One month of internship taught us,at least me, no matter how much hectic college schedule is, it is any day better than working. It is something like, you can hate, you can crib...but you can't escape the memories.....okay that was a very very bad version of that song (Enrique, not like i care, but forgive me =|)

And this is us, Batch of 2011-2013

This to one year that went past, and to the one that is still to come :)

Lets March On together :P

p.s: I know my friends from Uni who will read this will pull my leg, but i miss you guys, there i said it.

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