Wednesday, May 16, 2012

New Look :D

*drum rolls*
Unveiling to you the new look of Ink Imprints *tada*

Credits: Neeraj Ninan, Gundi, as i fondly call him. Amazing photographer. You can see his water mark in the picture, pixelvives, neeraj ninan impressions :)
I will introduce him to you soon :)
The structure of the blog is by Gargi, who i think is hibernating :P
I Love you babe :*
I needed help to structure it, i am little technically challenged you see. :P

Like it,hate it?

the old is the new concealed the new is the old revealed.

(i don't know from which chapter of bible it is taken, but this one thing is said by the one whom i look upto, i respect alot, the one who revealed me to my father's word)


  1. It's a different take on the proverbial lamp, but...something's missing, donno what. But i like the way it highlights the diffused light around it.. :) nice.

    Achcha, I want you to read this - I don't know if you read my older comment (*sigh - vanity).. :P

    1. :)
      Will let the photographer know your take on it :)
      And am sorry i forgot to respond there..i read it when i you told me to and that wasn't the best time, it was night and i couldn't sleep =/
      I get scared, i have love hate relationship with horror.
      But this is good :)
      Reading the Facade now :)

      And shoot this please, i will turn out killer :)

    2. :) Let me know your thoughts (on Facade, and others as well...)

  2. I am not good in these things , I still have the same look of my blog as i dread changing it how will i do it ...

    It looks lovely


    1. Thanks alot :)
      And you have no clue how much trouble i had in just changing the cover, i almost shifted to the basic look :P



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