Friday, June 8, 2012

Dobby is back =|

Dobby, all happy, boards the train to go home for a good long 2 month vacation and then Dobby, all sad this time, boards the train again to come back to uni =|

Where did the two month go, Dobby still wonders.
Well, there was internship which kept her busy and then...there was...umm...that thing...umm...the thing that you know....what we do...
Dobby can't recall.
Dobby is confused.
Dobby asks why all good things come to an end, that too so soon.

*deep sigh*

Dobby will tell you internship stories and what happened to our not-in-love love birds ( forgotten about them, you read about them here and here )

(in case, you are wondering who Dobby is, its a character in Harry Potter and metaphor for me :P)

*thinks to herself, if only i could vanish like Dobby*


  1. ok looking forward to hear more of DOBBY's stories :)

    did you have fun at home ...


    1. Hie :D
      Dobby had a awesome time at home, starring and ceiling at the fan is bliss :D
      Bliss's blueberry cheesecake is also bliss :D
      How you doing?

    2. I am doing great , thank you.

      and I want that cheesecake tooooooooooo :(

    3. Transfer via net technology needed asap :)

  2. I wish I can do what Dobby can. :) It's a nice post in here. :)



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