Sunday, August 19, 2012

Dobby invites you to Media Meet :)

Dobby believes in Raj Kapoor's word, "the show must go on"

Life is a stage and we are merely players.

Dobby is back to uni and is gearing up for the department's National Level Seminar Media Meet 2012- Lets Network.

This year's theme: New Media. A revolutionary medium which made me meet you, yep, you there, who so ever is reading it, a medium which made everything a click away.

Here is an opportunity for all you geeks and goddess to leap out of that LED screen and meet people of the other side of the screen and the ones who create it for you. We have events like Researched, Talk-e, Profile Me, Tech-a-mukka and lots of workshops lined up for you.

Event will happen on 24-25th of August at Main Auditorium, Christ University, Bangalore.

For more info, visit our facebook page here and register yourself here.

Here are the behind the scenes of how we plan to present it to you :)

                O yeah, even Bruce Lee Mani signed for us :D

 The face of Media Meet 2012, AR, who is the brain behind the awesome poster you saw first :D

                                             It will blow your mind away, we promise :D

See you on 24-25th then :D


  1. Damn! Now I wish I was there! Looks fascinating!! :D

    1. Eee...thanks MSM :)
      wish you could attend.

  2. All the best with it all and heres wishing it goes perfect ..


    1. Bikram, thank you so much.

      p.s: i wait for your comment every time i post something. Thank you so much. :)



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