Thursday, August 9, 2012

In the loving memory of my father


I did set out to write to eulogy, but words fail me.

It has been 19 days that i haven't heard from you and i can't express how terribly i miss you.
The fact that i will never hear from you is still to set in because every time my phone rings and flashes daddy, my heart aches to hear your voice on the other side. I did the last rites, but still i want this to be a bad dream, just a bad bad dream.

You were and you are the bestest person i have and will ever meet and  i am saying it not just because i am your daughter.

Suddenly everything is in past tense which hurts, more than i can tell. You are my dad and will always be and i will never let it go in past tense.

You always wanted me and Maa to be happy and fine, if i say we are not..will you come back?
I am sorry for all the mistakes i have done.I never realized them and when i did, i guess it was too late. I just want you to know i love you the mostest and will always do. I will write to you soon, i promise and i know like always you will be the first person to read it.



  1. Call me asap! Or leave me your number. :|

  2. I know the feeling but beleive me he is up there watching over you and looking down ... and the mistakes you did he pardoned you that very moment .. take care of yourself and be strong ..

    a big hug ur way ..




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