Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I'll be watching you...

"Every breath you take
  Every move you make
  Every bond you break
  Every step you take
  I'll be watching you...." ~ Strings

Mushy much ?!?

I say creepy much,imagine being monitored
Yes, people these days are being paid filthy lot for it and are even called celebrities...voyeuristic pleasure sells but even then...imagine an eye following you everywhere...
And  trust me when i say this, it's really creepy and do i know...well, we have got a camera in our classroom.. =|

And at times that eye isn't the's just some eyes ogling and judging every move, thought, expression of yours...
Each time i think of all this i am reminded of Harper Lee's statement,"People are people where ever you put them". No other quote has ever made sense to me more than this one and this one line holds me from judging others, because for them i am people.
All of us think we know the best, and for ourselves probably we do, but judging other's action is one of the most unjustified things ever.
Nobody's pain is lesser than the other and nobody's misery graver...we all have our issues, our own worries and as much as i have experienced, there is already too much served in our plate, so why peep into others!

Well, too much philosophy and that too in a straight face manner isn't my style, but sudden change of events has made me realize the real meanings of the simple things we learn in life.

Robert Frost has been quoted saying, "If there is one thing that i have learnt in life goes on."
I couldn't have agreed more.

"Hasso, gao, muskurao, kya pata....Kal ho Na ho" ~Kal Ho Na Ho

Come back posts should be short, sweet and happy...and for that i leave you with a melodious mash up sung by my classmates at the Valedictory Ceremony of Media Meet 2012 :)
I hope you all like it :)
Listen to it here :)

Take Care


  1. come back posts? :D
    u werent away for a long time i gues.. :P

    n goes on.. its just..hard for us to move on... :(


    1. :)
      Haven't been regular either :)
      Trying hard though :)
      And am glad, you are back :)

  2. :) oh yes people will be people wher ever we put them :) and loved the last line .. indeed hasso gao muskrao kya pata kal ho na ho.. who knows then the D day will come ..

    Loved the song thanks for sharing

    indeed one of my favourite songs Tum jo mil gaye ho , :) and that second girl starting in english was a surprise , I did not expect that :) and then O re piya .. Awesome


    1. :)
      I am glad you liked it :)
      These guys are amazing :)



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