Friday, September 21, 2012

Karmic Connections :)

My last post which you read here talked about voyeurism, as in not in particular the term, but just how we are around.
And my photographer friend, Sharan Ranjit, happened to take the pic shown below.
And i somehow found it very much connected.

It was up for grabs for cover pic, i knew it would suit my blog better.
And i wanted to give the blog an artsy feel too :P
Also, this goes well with both the color theme and content of the blog.
It's the best the blog has looked so far.

I am not very well versed with the technicalities of photography, but as a layman perspective, this boy gives inanimate objects life. He is so far one of the best B/W photographer i have met, rather the best photographer i have met. Photographs take you down the memory lane, and the day i would want to revisit college days, i would know whom to stalk.
And he knows the art of beautifying us, all of us. Our profile pictures on facebook are its proof. :D

You sure are the photographer for my wedding, my boy. I am booking you from now itself. :D

Also, he is one the most adorable tall boys i have met :D

You will make it big, very soon :)

Check out his photography page Sharan Ranjit Photography to see more of his works.
For the niti-gritties of photography, his blog Autumn Leaves.

p.s: the blog look pretty, doesn't it :)


  1. I love the third one particularly! Looks mischievously cute! :D And yes yes! This suits your Blog just fine! :D :D

    My Good Regards to the Adorable Tall Boy! Off to check out his Blog! :D

    1. MSM :)
      Am glad you liked it :)
      Hope you are doing good :)

  2. Will look into it for sure ..
    and you have not posted for ages , whats up


    1. Bikramjit :)
      Hi :)
      Was li'l lost and somehow unable to write!
      But am back :)

      How are things with you?



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